Have a Great Time in Dallas

Offering an indoor gym center, Omni Dallas Hotel provides rooms in Dallas. An exciting swimming pool is also accessible in the hotel. Each room is equipped with a TV and contains a private bathroom furnished with a shower. The hotel features free Wi-Fi access. Dry cleaning and washing services are also available. A business center and meeting services are accessible on-site. You will discover a 24-hour help desk at the restaurant.

Mokara Spa

Situated on the fourth floor of the Omni Dallas Hotel, Mokara Salon & Spa comprises a full-service spa experience. Ease in the comfort of their well-known Mokara Spa as you’re indulged with the ultimate spa experience. Make time for a calming facial, body treatment, massage, manicure or pedicure as you revitalize in this sophisticated, quiet oasis. Every treatment starts in the delicate relaxation room with views of downtown and a soothing fireplace. Whether you’re enjoying a signature body treatment, a manicure, or a visit to the salon, you are guaranteed to relish every minute of your time. Treatments comprise the added benefit of access to the fitness center and rooftop infinity pool Monday through Thursday only.

The Sixth Floor Museum

One of Texas’ most visited historic locations, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza histories the life, death, and inheritance of President John F. Kennedy. The Museum is in the former Texas School Book Depository building, where proof of a sniper was found after the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Much of the exhibition location looks like it appeared in the 1960s. Highlights contain a sniper’s perch, the FBI model used by the Warren Commission, an original teletype machine that first conveyed news of the president’s death, Oswald’s wedding ring, historic films, photos and more. An interactive exhibition oversees Dealey Plaza.

Dallas World Aquarium

The quest at The Dallas World Aquarium starts at the top of the rainforest exhibition, where mysterious birds, such as Cocks-of-the-rock and many kinds of toucans, can be seen. Lounging around are Two-toed and Three-toed sloths. Rare animals, such as Orinoco crocodiles, giant river otters, Antillean manatees and numerous species of monkeys are part of the many protection projects. The aquarium portion displays curious marine life, including Japanese crabs, jellyfish, Leafy, Weedy, and Ribbon sea dragons. Black-footed and Blue penguins can be seen swimming as visitors enjoy the outdoor South Africa exhibit. Sharks, rays, and sawfish are only a few of the fish living in the Mundo Maya cenote. Safe from Neotropical eagles are euphonies, tanagers, and hummingbirds. Reptiles and amphibians, both of the consequences of the Maya culture, can be seen through the exhibition.

Old Red Museum of Dallas

Devoted to motivate and inform guests about the rich and varied cultural, economic, political and social history of the region, the Old Red Museum helps as an icon of Dallas culture. Built-in 1892, the attractively restored Old Red Courthouse covers some of Dallas’ most attractive historical artifacts. There is a special exhibition gallery on the first floor, while the second floor is occupied with exhibits, 41-touch screen computers, an educational learning center, and four mini theatres.

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    Le grand Dallas un endroit plein de vie et qui a été une source d’inspiration pour créer de grands films et qui devrait avoir un slogan comme nous

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