Top 5 Questions Your Workers Will Ask About the Employee Monitoring Software

Implementing an employee monitoring software can be pretty scary for your workers. More often than not, they’ll think you’re just looking for a way to spy on their computers remotely. You can expect that they’ll have doubts, and ask a lot of questions about the technology and reasons behind the implementation.

Before you even speak to your employees, you should get ready for the conversation and find out what it is that they need to know. Luckily for you, we’re the experts on the topic and we’ll provide you with a quick guide to answering 5 most common questions about employee monitoring software.

#1 – What’s in It for Me?

You can definitely expect this question from your team. Research has shown that employees don’t have a problem with sharing their data, if they’re getting something in return.

To answer this question, you should explain the benefits that come to your workers because of employee monitoring software. Luckily, the software doesn’t benefit you exclusively, so you can explain to them how you’ll use the data to improve their productivity, performance, as well as optimize workload. Additionally, take the time to explain how their evaluations will be much more objective, and their payrolls more accurate.

The data you’re collecting can also be used to improve training plans, and help employees develop their skills.

#2 – Will You Be Able to See My Private Messages/Profiles?

It makes perfect sense your employees are worried about this. Everyone browses social media, news sites, and shops while at work. Some data even shows that 47% of employees waste time on social media while working.

Now, your answer to this question depends on the type of employee laptop monitoring software you’ll be purchasing, as well as on the features you’ll use. Technically, if your software has a screenshot feature you might be able to see your employees’ private information.

And that’s exactly what you should tell them. However, we do recommend that you either turn off this feature, or get a software which can blur out private parts of the screen when saving them.

#3 – How Will You Use the Data?

We already explained how you’ll use the data to help your employees advance. But, there are two sides of the coin, and there are other ways you can use this data.

First and foremost, the answer depends on why you’re using a windows program monitor in the first place? If you’re monitoring your employees in an ethical way, there’s no reason not to be honest about it.

Explain your reasons for implementation. Some of the most common ones include efficiency improvement, process optimization, and enhanced security.Also, it’s possible you’re using it to improve client relationships, etc. There are a ton of reasons you could be monitoring your employees, but that doesn’t mean all of them are good. Think about them even prior to implementation, you might even realize that you actually don’t need the software.

#4 – Can I Access My Data?

Depending on the software of your choice, your employees might or might not be able to see their own data. We would always recommend that you go for an option which allows this, since this way the employees will be able to improve their behaviour without your interference.

#5 – Have Your Expectations About My Performance Changed?

Have they? The thing is, now you can quantify your employees’ daily work. Based on the data you collect in the first few weeks, you’ll be able to see how your employees work and you’ll be able to set new targets for them.

Additionally, as time goes by, you might see that someone needs to learn more, that’s when you’ll shift their focus as well as your expectations.

Wrap Up

Employee monitoring doesn’t have to be a scary thing for your employees, and it won’t be. However, you must ensure they see it as their friend, rather than an enemy.

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  2. Tino Collazo

    Es un tema bastante complicado. Por un lado, puede aumentar la productividad. Desde otro punto de vista, puede desmoralizar a los empleados.

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