The best trick to Clash of Clans gems

Clash of Clans has established itself as one of the most successful games for mobile

devices. The aim is simple: you have to develop your village, strengthen your army and

defeat other villages, so you can join in a clan with other players to conquer other clans.

Without a doubt, the gems are a key element for the development of villages and the

resource most wanted by players of Clash of Clans. There are many tricks to get gems of

clash of clans, but they do not all work. We’re going to have the best.

The best trick for the gems of Clash of Clans

free gems clash of clans

To get gems is not easy, and in fact, the easiest way to get gems is buying them. Of

course, not everyone wants to pay for them, so we search on the internet how to get free

gems of Clash of Clans. We will find hundreds of results which promise us hacks, tricks,

etc., which basically are a scam. They do not work correctly or they give us the gems but

not at cost 0. They are payable by SMS or the web site sends us a message that is not

exactly cheap, and gems are no longer free.

Get gems of Clash of Clans free

If you really want free gems, you can install applications such as Gums Up that will allow

you to win gift cards of the Play Store and App Store or money from PayPal, which you

can use to pay gems of Clash of Clans. You can use other applications, answer surveys,

or watch trailers, as well as invite friends, in order to win Gums – points. More Gums you

have, better the reward is, and more gems you can buy. In addition, you can also get

PayPal money and the gift cards of the Play Store, the App Store, Amazon, Play Station or


Earn gems Clash of Clans

This is the best way to get free gems, but also playing Clash of Clans, the gems can be

won. For example, aside of the road obstacles such as trees, rocks, or bushes. In theory,

each two obstacles that you retire, the game rewards you with a gem, but this is not

always the case, and sometimes you get gems two times in a row. Solidarity also has a


Another way to get Clash of Clans gems is fulfilling the accomplishments of the game or

winning tournaments, but if you have just created your village, it may costs you something

though as you have a stronger army and best defense you can win more trophies and

achieve new leagues, what also has its prize in the form of gem. Gems allow us to

accelerate the construction of buildings or the troop formation, so use them well because

they are very useful and limited.

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