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febr. 11 2022

[228] Seminaris del Consell d’Europa

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CEFR Online Workshop Series 2022 (in English or French, without interpretation) / Série d’ateliers en ligne du CECR 2022 (en anglais ou en français, sans interprétation)

Following the publication of the CEFR Companion Volume, the Council of Europe’s Education Department organised monthly Webinars in 2021 to help language professionals familiarise themselves with the key concepts of the CEFR and consider ways for integrating those into teaching and learning practices. Key concepts covered were action-oriented approach, digital agency in social practice and language education, plurilingualism in the classroom and engaging learners’ plurilingual and pluricultural competence, as well as mediation in relation to sign languages.

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Date Title Presenter
February 3 Key concepts in the CEFR Companion volume: What might these mean for teaching? Brian North
March 3 The learner as social agent:  implications for curriculum design & classroom practice Bernd Rüschoff
April 7 Le Volume Complémentaire du CECR: qu’y a-t-il de nouveau pour l’enseignement des langues? Evelyne Bérard
May 5 The action-oriented approach: From theory to practice Enrica Piccardo
June 2 Assessing plurilingualism: An example from practice Belinda Steinhuber
September 1 Taking account of the CEFR Companion Volume in the national and school curriculum Daniela Fasoglio
October 6 Le Volume complémentaire du CECR : un outil pour la formation des enseignant·e·s de langues étrangères Rosanna Margonis-Pasinetti
November 3 Mediation in/for the language classroom: learning situations andformative assessment Adolfo Sánchez Cuadrado
December 1 Developing CEFR-based assessment rubrics and rating scales for interaction and production Claudia Harsch

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