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oct. 12 2012

[93] TESOL: Convention 2013

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Second Call for Papers for the 2013 convention to be held at Universidad de Sevilla, on the 8-10th March, 2013.

Please use the online Presentation Proposal Form for submissions. The Convention 2013 link is now visible at the top of the page TESOL-SPAIN website or you can get there, and to the online Presentation Proposal Form, by clicking on The deadline for proposals is October 31st, but we would very much appreciate receiving them before: it makes the process of dealing with them so much easier! And please – if you have any questions or difficulties, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, Kate Marriage, at this address:

This year’s theme, Teaching with Technology & the Human Touch, aims to embrace ideas on teaching and learning with new technologies inside and outside the English classroom without neglecting the emphasis on the human side of teaching and learning a language. As teachers, many of us digital immigrants, we are faced with teaching English to digital natives and ‘screenagers’. So, although this is a challenge in itself, it is vital not to lose sight of our real objective: TEACHING ENGLISH, albeit with technology.

We welcome presentations which demonstrate ideas and share experiences of working with new technologies in the ELT classroom, as well as those which are of wide general interest for language teachers working in different sectors and students of all ages.

The convention offers participants a wide range of presentations by national and international speakers including plenary and keynote presentations, papers, workshops, round tables, and product presentations. It is attended by a wide variety of EFL professionals. There are teachers from infant, primary and secondary schools, from EOIs, universities, technical schools and academies, as well as teacher trainers, materials writers, and course planners. Publishers, ELT researchers, members of testing boards, national and international authors also take part in the convention.

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oct. 01 2012

[92] Recursos didàctics per aplicar amb la PDI

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Recursos didàctics per aplicar amb la pissarra digital

La incorporació de Pissarres Digitals a les aules suposa una nova forma de treballar i la necessitat de crear i buscar nous materials educatius adaptats a aquest recurs. Aquesta formació en tecnologia s’emmarca dins de les formacions del Cibernàrium.

Dia i hora: 4 d’octubre, de 10 a 14 h
Lloc: Edifici MetiaTIC (C. Sancho d’Àvila cantonada C/Roc Boronat. Barcelona)

Aquí teniu el web amb el temari i l’accés a la inscripció.

Si us interessa la formació, cal que feu la sol·licitud interna, en primera instància, del Servei de Llengües.

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oct. 01 2012

[91] El rol de les llengües de la immigració a l’escola

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Jornada El rol de les llengües de la immigració a l’escola

El Grup d’Estudis de Llengües Amenaçades (GELA), que ha inventariat les llengües que es parlen a Catalunya, organitza la jornada i fa especial èmfasi en les iniciatives gallegues (modelo Burela i projecte Galauda).
Dia i hora: 26 d’octubre, de 9.45 a 18 h
Lloc: Facultat de Filologia de la UB (aula 111)

Aquí teniu el programa i la informació per a la inscripció.

Web del GELA.

Si us interessa la formació, cal que feu la sol·licitud interna, en primera instància, del Servei de Llengües.

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