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nov. 19 2013

The EUTDH offers the Erasmus course ‘Introduction to wine and tasting’ (in English)

The EUTDH offers the Erasmus course 'Introduction to wine and tasting' (in English). Escola Universitària de Turisme i Direcció Hotelera. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra. UABThe University School of Tourism and Hotel Management at UAB proposes this course in wine and tasting as a first step in providing education on wine and its importance in restaurant activities and gastronomy.

This course is an introduction to the knowledge of wine and oenology, conservation and service of different kinds of wine as well as tasting.


Module 1 -. Introduction to Viticulture and Modern Oenology.

  • Geographical framework.

  • Annual evolution of the vine

  • Conduction of wine plant.

  • Elaboration of whites wines.

  • Aging.

  • (Tasting of white wines).

Module 2 -. Conservation and Service.

  • Elaboration of roses and wines.
  • Aging.
  • Conservation and wine service.
  • Glasses, service temperature, uncorking and decanting.(Tasting of wines).

Module 3 -. Introduction to Tasting.

  • Physiologic notions.

  • Bouquets of elements related to wine.

  • Tasting of elementary substances.

  • What is a tasting card?

  • Wine tasting.

Module 4 -. Practical tasting of wines.

  • Introduction.

  • Blind tasting of wines.

Module 5 -. Visit to Miguel Torres S.A. Winery.

  • Visit to the wine cellar and practical tasting of wines.


Dates :

  • Days: From 9th to 13h of December, 2013


    €120 (UAB Community)
    €125 (Non-UAB)
    €100 (Vila Universitaria residents).

    Special price for groups (minimum 7 people).

Timetable: from 16:00 to 18:00

Lecturer: Jose Luis Garcia

Place: Tasting Room at the EUTDH UAB.

Type: Lecture.

Number of students for this course: 20



Course taught in English .

Potential Participants

This programme is aimed at:

  • People with the Diploma or Degree in Tourism or Hotel Management.

  • People working in restaurants and the hospitality sector.

  • People interested in acquiring knowledge on the essential aspects of wine and tasting.

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