«Bay Area creates new opportunities for HK», by Oriol Caudevilla (I)

1.-Our collaborator Oriol Caudevilla sends us today his latest article, published in China Daily. Caudevilla informs us that the Chinese Government has set in motion the Greater Guandong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area. Perhaps the reader has a vague idea of ​​the territorial scope of this plan. It would be enough to think that it includes eleven large cities or metropolitan areas and that it reaches, altogether, almost seventy million people. These set of cities include the mythical Guanzhou –“the factory of the world”- , Hong Kong and Macao -which still have a special administrative status- and Shenzen -the Huawei campus, the telephone that the reader may have in hand-.


2.-It is very interesting the initial reference to Deng Xiao Ping «Southern Tour of China”  in 1992, visiting Guanzhou, Shenzen and Zhuhai. It was a surprise visit to Special Economic Zones that had been established in the early eighties. In it, the top leader confirmed the Chinese government’s commitment to economic liberalization and the implementation of radical free market methods. Kerry Brown has described in a summarized and brilliant way the importance of this trip in his article «Deng Xiaoping’s Southern Tour«.



[Designer unknown (佚名)
1992, December
Comrade Deng Xiaoping in his South Investigation Tour to Shenzhen
Deng Xiaoping tongzhi nanxun Shenzhen (邓小平同志南巡深圳)
Publisher: Lingnan meishu chubanshe (岭南美术出版社)

Source: chineseposters.net.]


3.-The subsequent story is well known. China, with their immense economic success, will be soon the world’s leading economy.

       It is likely that the Spanish reader will remember the phrase of Deng Xiao Ping popularized by Felipe González in 1985, after a visit to the Chinese president: «white cat, black cat, it does not matter if he hunts mice«.

       The new project of the Greater Bay Area will reduce the peculiarities of Hong Kong and Macao and will include them in an area where the Western public / private categories vanish. It is interesting, by the way, the application of the principle of personality in the tributes to the citizens of Hong Kong, although they operate in other cities of the Greater Area.

Let us say, finally, that the first infrastructures already built under government planning place us under dimensions beyond the reach of the European reader. Just take a look at the official website of Greater Bay Area and check some of their pictures.


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