Ihering, actors and photographs.  

1.-I have been thinking these days about the use of pictures in the teaching of Law. Probably, you are thinking that it’s a strange idea. Actually, it is another turn of the screw in the brilliant Ihering suggestions written in his Scherz und Ernst in der Jurisprudenz (1884), translated in Spanish as Bromas y veras de la jurisprudencia (Jokes and truths of the jurisprudence).


2.-In one of his articles, Ihering described a Faculty of Law that had recruited a group of actors to collaborate in classes. It went something like this: when the professor was explaining, for instance, the legal position of a debtor, an actor appeared in the classroom to play the debtor’s role. Another actor assumed the role of the creditor and so on. That was the Ihering remedy against boring abstraction of Law concepts.


3.- In the same article, the protagonist of the fable –perhaps really Ihering- remembered that one of his professors explained the subject correlating all the legal concepts with a beautiful golden cigarette case. For instance, the owner transferred that case and the professor showed a delicate movement with the object. After, the lecturer was speaking about the consequences of selling and all the explanations were concentrated to the golden box. After this experience, Ihering envisioned the fictitious cast of players of the Faculty of Law.


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