Other Contact Information: https://lluisaschlesiercom.wordpress.com

Year of Study in Programme: Fourth

Supervisor: Dr David Owen

Area/Topic of Research: Irish Literature

Title/Provisional Title of Thesis: “Revisiting the Meaning of Irishness in the Work of Roddy Doyle”

Short Abstract: My research focuses on the portrayal of the Irish working class in the novels by Roddy Doyle (Dublin, 1958). The objective of my work is to assess how Doyle’s novels represent the experience of the Irish working class throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and its level of identification with the notions of Irishness put forward during Ireland’s move to independence. My thesis is that the experience of the working class, as captured in Doyle’s fiction, greatly differs from that of the middle and upper classes and that, therefore, their understanding of Ireland and Irishness is also different from the one that was put forward with a nationalist and conservative agenda in mind. By subverting the notion of a “true” Irishness, Doyle creates a space for and reclaims the voice of a counter-hegemonic Ireland: urban, secular, working-class, culturally diverse and open to the world.