Year of Study in Programme: First

Supervisor: Dr Joan Curbet

Area/Topic of Research: Motherhood in Early Modern Europe through private writings

Title/Provisional Title of Thesis: Mothers’ Writings: Life Handbooks in Early Modern Times.

Short Abstract: This thesis will study a wide variety of private documents, written by mothers to their children in France and England during XVII and XVIII centuries. The main goal is to understand what changes we can observe in the approach to motherhood among the studied women, in both centuries, and in both countries (although some special cases in Spain will also be studied). The fact of making this private documents see the light is important in order to clarify all types of visions of maternity, and discover if there is a clear path (unique and distinctive regardless of time, country or women), or, on the contrary, there are as many types of maternities as women. It has a literary side (Sévigné has a special role) and a social side, and both can lead us to a better understanding of the role women have played as mothers and as writers of handbooks for life (in the form of letters full of advice, worries or love).