Year of Study in Programme: Second

Supervisor: Dr Elisabet Pladevall

Area/Topic of Research: EMI (English as the Medium of Instruction)

Title/Provisional Title of Thesis: EMI in non-linguistic courses in Chinese Higher Education: stakeholders’ perceptions, motivation and learning outcomes

Short Abstract: Research on English Medium Instruction (EMI) in mainland China has lagged far behind Europe, and it is calling for more experimental studies to validate its practices (Galloway, Kriukow & Numajiri, 2017; Hu & Lei, 2014; Hu, Li & Lei, 2014; Jiang, Zhang & May, 2016;). This PhD project will investigate the effectiveness of EMI practices in three non-linguistic disciplines (International Trade, Film Production, and Project Management) in three Chinese universities where students’ and teachers’ perceptions, EMI and FL motivation as well as content-specific language gains will be studied by means of questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, tests and classroom observations over the course of one semester. A self-developed classroom observation checklist, and field notes will be used to carry out the observations to explore the type of EMI practices implemented. Questionnaires are developed to investigate the stakeholders’ perceptions, attitudes, and motivation, and are followed by student focus groups and teacher interviews as well as a content-specific writing and vocabulary test to test disciplinary language gains. Data will be collected both pre and post semester for each EMI program. This project aims to analyse EMI programs multidimensionally, thus offering empirical evidence of EMI in mainland China and new insights into more effective teaching practices.