Year of Study in Programme: First

Supervisor: Dr Elisabet Pladevall

Area/Topic of Research: Instructed Second Language Acquisition

Title/Provisional Title of Thesis: A Study of the Effect of Type of Instruction on the Comprehension and Written Production of Advanced Grammatical Forms

Short Abstract: Grammar is considered an important part of language learning and there is much debate on which approach to grammar teaching is best. This already contentious issue becomes more multi-faceted as the use of technologies continues to grow in education and teaching. As such, this present study will explore the effect of type of instruction (face-to-face and online) on the acquisition of two types of information packaging structures, namely clefting and partial inversion. It will be quasi-experimental in nature and follow a Test-Teach-Test structure, including a delayed posttest to evaluate long-term retention, in order to assess the effect of the type of instruction on the development of explicit and implicit knowledge in terms of both comprehension and written production of the above structures. Form-focused instruction will form the basis of both teaching interventions. Potential findings will contribute to developing the knowledge base on the most effective ways to teach advanced-level grammatical structures.