Year of Study in Programme: First

Supervisor: Dr Eva Codó

Area/Topic of Research: Language policy, language ideologies, multilingualism in (forced) migration contexts

Title/Provisional Title of Thesis: Language Policies for Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey: A Critical Sociolinguistic Ethnography

Short Abstract: There are more than one million school-aged Syrian refugee children in Turkey as of January 2020 and a great majority receives education in Turkish-medium public schools. Since the start of the forced mobility from Syria in 2011, the dominant discourse shaping the educational policies for these children has shifted from that of temporariness to integration. With its focus on language teaching for integration, the EU-funded PIKTES (Promoting the Integration of Syrian Kids into the Turkish Education System) project has been particularly influential in such a discourse shift. Considering the influence of various supranational organizations on the education of refugee children as well as the history of linguistic diversity in the Turkish public education, this study aims to investigate the role of various languages, i.e. family language, national language and the global language(s), in the educational policy discourse and the ways these are negotiated in schools by teachers, parents, and students. As a critical ethnographic inquiry into language policy, the research will trace the local and global discourses on temporariness, integration and multilingualism in the situated linguistic practices and discussions on language(s) in schools where the PIKTES project takes place.