Research Area

My research focusses on aspects of Medieval and Renaissance Literature, specifically:

  • Renaissance Poetry: the Epic (esp. John Milton)
  • Renaissance Poetry: Devotional and Erotic Lyrics (esp.¬†the¬†language of desire in secular and sacred contexts)
  • Medieval Chronicles and Travelogues (esp.¬†crusade¬†chronicles, twelfth and thirteenth centuries)
  • Intertextuality¬†and Textual Criticism

Doctoral Supervision

I would be happy to supervise students interested in any of the above areas

Representative Publications

  • CURBET, Joan. ‚ÄúIncarnational Poetics. Embodiment and Literary Influence in Nathaniel Hawthorne¬īs Stories from the Manse Period‚ÄĚ. The Nathaniel Hawthorne Review, n. 46, vol. 1. PENNSYLVANIA, PENN STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2016: 37-55.
  • CURBET, Joan. ‚ÄúShakespeare¬īs Love¬īs Labour¬īs Lost: the Theological Contexts‚ÄĚ. Delphine Lemmonier-Texier, and Guillaume Winter, Lectures de Love‚Äôs Labour‚Äôs Lost de William Shakespeare. RENNES: PRESSES UNIVERSITAIRES DE RENNES, 2015: 22-50.
  • CURBET, JOAN. ‚ÄúBe Absolute for Death‚ÄĚ: The Arts and Politics and Politics of Dying in Shakespeare¬īs Measure for Measure (1604)‚ÄĚ, in¬†Lectures¬†de¬†‚ÄúMeasure for Measure‚Ä̬†de¬†William Shakespeare,¬†ed. By Guillaume Winter and Delphine Lemmonier-Texier, RENNES: PRESSES UNIVERSITAIRES DE RENNES, 2013: 119-135.
  • CURBET, JOAN . ‚ÄúSo Long Unsung‚ÄĚ: the Patristic Roots of John Milton‚Äôs Heterodox Thought.¬†in¬†Resurrecting the First Five Hundred: The Church Fathers in Early Modern England¬†(ed. Mitchell M. Harris), ¬†pp 130‚Äź169. 2012. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS, TORONTO, 2013
  • CURBET, JOAN. ¬†Towards a Miltonic Mariology: The Word and the Body of Mary in John Milton‚Äôs ‚ÄėParadise Regain‚Äôd‚Äô (1671).¬†SEDERI Yearbook of the Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Renaissance Studies. N¬ļ 22, 2012: 29-50.
  • CURBET, JOAN .¬†Isabel de Villena: Portraits of Holy Women. Selections from the ‚ÄúVita Christi‚ÄĚ. Introduction, selection and anthology. TAMESIS BOOKS // BOYDELL AND BREWER, SUFFOLK, 2014. (BOOK.)
  • CURBET, JOAN; FONT, CARME ¬†‚ÄúIdentitat¬†i¬†veu¬†femenines¬†en A True Relation of Their Sufferings (Relaci√≥ ver√≠dica¬†dels¬†seus¬†patiments, 1662)¬†de¬†les¬†qu√†queres Katharine Evans¬†i¬†Sarah Cheevers‚ÄĚ.¬†Revista Manuscrits, n¬ļ29, Bellaterra: Departament d‚ÄôHist√≤ria Moderna i Contempor√†nia, 2011: 243-60.
  • CURBET, JOAN. ¬†Cor de Lle√≥: els trobadors i la croada de Ricard I d‚ÄôAnglaterra. EDITORIAL EDENDUM// UNIVERSITAT ROVIRA I VIRGILI, Barcelona, 2009. (BOOK.)