Please note: All files linked to on this page are currently in Catalan only and in pdf format. If you are unable to read Catalan, please contact your supervisor for assistance. If you are unable to edit the forms digitally, please download, print and complete them manually.

All students are assigned full-time status when admitted to the PhD program unless it is specified in the research plan submitted during the first year of enrolment.

It is possible to change to a part-time status by submitting a formal request to the PhD Programme’s Academic Committee with this form. This request can be accepted only during the first two years of enrolment.

It is essential to inform the PhD coordinator of any personal circumstances that may affect your course of study. In certain cases it is possible to request personal or medical leave up to a maximum of 2 years but a formal request needs to be made with a written justification from your  supervisor. This leave can be formally requested by completing these two forms: i. sol·licitud de baixa; ii. supervisor’s report.

All students need to specify their full-time or part-time dedication each year in their annual progress report.

  • Full-time commitment to the PhD Programme entails 3 years to complete and defend a PhD + 2 extensions after third and fourth year of enrolment up to a maximum of 5 years.

At the third  and fourth positive annual progress evaluation a student must request an extension from the PhD Academic Committee.

  • Part-time commitment to the PhD Programme entails 5 years to complete and defend a PhD + first  extension for two additional years + second extension for a maximum of 8 years.

A formal request for an extension by full- and part-time students needs to be made to the Departmental PhD Committee through this form. An extension should be supported by a report from the thesis supervisor.