The PhD programme in English Studies, accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Professional Training (May 22, 2019), offers advanced training in research related to English language, literature and culture. There is no online study option. Students applying to the programme will need to be physically present at the UAB in order to undertake training and supervision. The programme offers PhD candidates a theoretical and methodological training for analysing a topic that will contribute to the development of knowledge in the area.

The programme prioritises distinct areas of research. In the area of linguistics, the acquisition and use of first and second languages, phonology and experimental phonetics, contrastive corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, multilingualism and intercultural communication, and teaching and learning of English. In the areas of English literature and culture, the analysis and representation of war in British and American literature, gender studies, culture studies, postcolonial studies and literatures of modernity in English, including the Renaissance, Romanticism or Modernism.

Full-time & Part-time Study

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Past Theses

This page lists the PhD thesis written in the department (Linguistics and Literature) since 2010. It provides an overview of the main ambits of research undertaken and may help you develop or consolidate your own ideas for a PhD thesis.