Once a student has formalised enrolment on the programme, there are various post-enrolment requirements and obligations to complete.

Full information on these post-enrolment requirements are set out here, from where all necessary documentation can also be downloaded.

All these requirements are important, but we draw your attention particularly to the following:

  • The Commitment Document to be signed by the PhD student and Supervisor. This document must be signed in the first year of enrolment in the programme and uploaded to student’s online file (see form).
  • The required training Activities specified by the PhD Programme and optional training Activities agreed between student and supervisor must be added to the PhD candidate’s online record that can be accessed through SIA (https://sia.uab.es).

Optional training activities can be added throughout the entire period of enrolment in the programme. The required training activities must be completed before a thesis is submitted. Proof of activities need to be uploaded to the student’s record and approved by their supervisor.

  • The Obligatory training activities required by the PhD Programme in English Studies:
      • Presentation of PhD research at the Department’s annual postgraduate workshop
      • Submission/publication of a research paper to a national or international peer-reviewed journal.
      • Presentation of on-going research at a national or international conference.
  • The Optional training activities chosen by the PhD candidate and supervisor:
      • A Research stay (optional) at a research institution or university outside Spain for a total period of 3 months in order to qualify for an international-doctorate component to the PhD degree.
      • During the COVID 2020-2021 crisis it is possible for students whose research stay was interrupted or who were unable to travel to fulfil this requirement virtually. For further information contact the PhD coordinator.
      • A Research stay (optional) at a research institution or university in Spain.
      • Participation (optional) in the organisation of symposia, conferences, or other.
  • The Research Plan document (see form). This  includes your thesis proposal and a schedule for undertaking research for the PhD. If your dedication to the program changes this must be reflected in a new research plan that should be approved by the Doctoral Academic Committee. Any other changes also require submitting a new request for the revised research plan.