Admission to the PhD Programme in English Studies requires applicants to submit a thesis proposal. For a thesis in Linguistics, the proposal should contain the following:

  1. Provisional title of the thesis
  2. Suggested supervisor
  1. Introduction to the topic
    • Establish your topic of research giving enough background information to contextualise your study.
    • Define in a precise way the scope of your research. This involves narrowing down the wider topic.
    • Highlight the new contribution/s you are making to the field or explain the gap you are addressing.

4. Literature review of the topic

    • Present the state of existing research on your topic. Point out the relevance of your study to a broader problem or debate in the field.
    • Critically analyse each source that you cite.
    • Explain connections between the different sources (themes, perspectives, patterns, paradoxes) in order to state the point of your research.
  1. Provisional research questions
    • Clearly state, and briefly explain three or four research questions. Research questions will be provisional and will most likely change as your research progresses.
    • If needed, you may include related sub-questions.
  1. Methods and data Language and Linguistics
    • Note that all proposals pertaining to language require a methods section.
    • It is a good idea to restate your research objectives bringing back the focus of your study.
    • Explain the overall approach you will be taking (i.e., ethnographic, experimental, or other) and the steps you will take to answer your research questions.
    • Discuss the type of data you will be using to answer your research questions.
    • State clearly what /who you will be studying and how you will select participants/informants or the sources of your data.
    • Explain tools or procedures for collecting data.
    • Take into account the ethical considerations of the research and informed consent.
  1. Schedule for completing a PhD thesis
    • Provide a tentative calendar schedule from the time of your enrolment as a PhD student and state the tasks you expect to accomplish at each stage.
  1. References

A Note on Format

    • The proposal should not exceed 4000 words and should be written in  Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri (12 point text; 10 point notes).