The report written by the PhD candidate should not extend beyond 2000 words, and it should follow the guidelines below. Students in their first year of enrolment in the Program may develop section (b) in greater length.

Deadline: Students should submit this report to the members of their PhD Evaluation Committee no later than 29 May 2022.

Guidelines. Your report should conform to the following structure and content:

A. Title page

This must include the title or provisional title of the thesis, the full name of the student, the name of the thesis supervisor, date the report is submitted, the admission date to the PhD Program, the specification of full-time or part-time enrolment, the year of enrolment, and the expected date of dissertation submission. This title page should also be signed by the PhD candidate, by the thesis supervisor, and by the tutor.

B. Key information about thesis project (maximum 700 words)

  • Brief summary of the dissertation topic.
  • Research questions and working hypotheses
  • Theoretical framework (key authors, concepts, or approaches)
  • Methodological approach
  • Provisional findings (if applicable)
  • Bibliography and references


C. Personal assessment of the progress made (maximum 1,300 words). This part of the report is especially relevant for students in their second year and beyond

  • Description of progress made on PhD thesis since 01 October 2021 (If this is your first PhD upgrade evaluation, you need to explain what you have accomplished since you enrolled in the programme).
  • Explanation of how you have addressed the recommendations  or suggestions by the Evaluation Committee from September 2020 (this does not apply to first year PhD students)
  • Explanation of major obstacles identified (research problems, if any)
  • Account of academic activities carried out during the current academic year 2021-2022 that are linked to the PhD thesis
  • Academic activities related to thesis (presentation of conference papers,
    publications, articles, and other forms of dissemination)
  • Presentation of work plan or schedule for 2022-2023

NOTE: Those students who have TWICE received a positive evaluation from the PhD Evaluation Committee with no comments or changes may deliver with this report the same version of section (b) described above, and they will only need to add section (a) title page, and section (c) personal assessment of the progress made.