Resources on Phonetics and Phonology

  • IPA website and IPA interactive charts

The International Phonetic association website.         Interactive IPA chart.


Interactive IPA charts with video illustrations.                                                                          Seeing Speech                                                                        Interactive IPA chart (U. Sheffield)


Sounds of speech (by U. of Iowa)

  • Practice with the vocal tract

Interactive sagittal section                                                  Anatomy of vocal tract                         (by Daniel Currie Hall)                                                      (by University of Manitoba)


  • Websites with interactive tools and online exercises

Phonetics: an interactive introduction                            Phonwork                                              (by University of New England)                                        (by Keith Johnson)



Anglo TIC (by Dept. English and German philology, Universitat de València)

Exercises on voice, place and manner labels of English consonants (UCL’s Phonetic Flash).


  • Phonetic fonts

Type IPA phonetic symbols online.                               Smart IPA phonetics keyboard



Download phonetic fonts.

**Note for Phonetics I and II students: you are not required to install and use phonetics fonts. In fact, it is better for you to practice HANDWRITING the phonetic symbols.**
  • Other resources

Speech internet dictionary: It provides definitions       PRAAT. A free scientific software for of technical terms used in phonetics, phonology,          speech analysis.                               speech and hearing science and allied disciplines.


  • Lectures on phonetics and phonology

Canal Uned – Teach yourself English phonetics, by Eva Estebas., with videolectures. 

Mark Hukvale’s lectures on phonetics and phonology and the principles of phonetics.


Mark Hukvale’s tutorial on the speech chain and on the speech production process


Peter Roach on The production of speech sounds.       Peter Ladefoged on phonation types                                                                                                    and aistream mechanisms.


UCL’s tutorial on the basics of voicing                    Mark Hukvale’s tutorial on voice.


Types of phonation (with audios).                          Phonation modes (U. New England)


Mark Hukvale’s tutorial on vowels and on consonants


UCL’s tutorial on plosives and VOT                  Daniel Jones’s  cardinal vowels. (with audio)


Peter Roach’s tutorials                                                                                                                   Basics on the acoustic properties of sounds               The syllable, stress and accent 


Núria Gavaldà’s tutorial on how to use Praat to visualise different types of VOT. You can download the audio files from here.

  • Some useful videos

Videos of x-rays and MRIs of speech
More MRI videos on the Gimson’s pronunciation of English website.

Videos on the vocal folds in Action
On Vocal Fry (creaky voice) and its sociolinguistic implications

More on Vocal Fry and its sociolinguistic implications here.

Breathy voice and whispery voice


Videos exemplifying non-pulmonic consonants

More information on Ejectives, implosives and clicks.

More information on Ejectives.

More information on Clicks.