Intonation exercises

Intonation exercises

The following are dialogues from Friends with the corresponding transcript and some information about the tonic syllable and the type of tone that the speakers use. Play the video, read the transcript paying attention to the intonation information provided, and then try to reproduce the dialogues imitating the speakers.

Exercise 1

Ross:  -Hey ǀ You guys won’t be↘︎lieve what I have to do for  work today  ǀ
Chandler:  ↘︎Yes ǀ but –Ross ǀ you ↘︎chose a career of talking about dinosaurs ǀ
Ross: There are these two pro↗︎fessors ǀ who are joining my de↗︎
partment ǀ and er… I have to meet them ↘︎here ǀ and show them around ↘︎campus ǀ
Monica: What’s so bad about ↘︎that? ǀ

Ross: Oh, I just know they’re gonna be a couple of old ↘︎whim bags ǀ wearing  tweed jackets with suede ↘︎elbow patches ǀ
​​Monica: ↗︎Ross? ǀ
Ross: These aren’t ↘︎suede!

Exercise 2

Joey: A↘︎hoy! ǀ
Chandler:↘︎Hey ǀ How’s the ↘︎boat!
Joey: ^Great! ǀ I’m really getting into this ^sailing stuff
Monica: So you finally took it out of the ↘︎marina ǀ ↗︎huh?
Joey: Why would I do ↘︎that? ǀ It took three guys ǀ to take the thing ↘︎in there!
Phoebe: If you don’t ^sail your boat ǀ what do you ↘︎do on it?
Joey: It’s ^great ǀ it’s a great place to just kind of ↗︎sit ǀ hang a↗︎round ǀ drink a few ↗︎beers ǀ eat some ↗︎chips

Chandler: Well, it’s good that you finally found a place to ↘︎do that!  
Rachel: You ↘︎know  ǀ ⋁Joey ǀ I could teach you to ↘︎sail ǀ if you ↗︎want?

Joey: You ↗︎could?
Rachel: ↘︎Yeah  ǀ  I’ve been sailing my whole ↘︎life ǀ When I was fif↗︎teen ǀ my dad bought me my own ↘︎boat. ǀ
Phoebe: Your own ↗︎​boat?
Rachel: ↘︎What ǀ ↘︎What ǀ He was just trying to cheer me ↘︎up ǀ My ↘︎
pony was sick ǀ       

Exercise 3

Phoebe: Welcome ↘︎back!
Mike: Ah! I 
↘︎missed you
Phoebe: ↘︎Oh, | me ↘︎too!
Mike:  So, what’s ↘︎new?
Phoebe: ↗︎Well, | I’m no longer Phoebe Bu⋁ffay.
Mike:  That’s ↘︎great! | You changed you ↗︎name?/
Phoebe: Yes I ↘︎did! | Meet Princess Con↗︎suela | Ba↘︎nana Hammock\
Mike:  You’re ⋁kidding, right?
Phoebe: ↗︎Nope.
Mike:  You really ↗︎did that?/
Phoebe: ↗︎Yep.
Mike:  Yeah, but you can’t ↗︎do that.
Phoebe: ↘︎Why? | ↘︎Why? | It’s ↗︎fun,­ | it’s ↗︎different, | no-one ⋁else has a name like it.
Mike:  Al↗︎right, | then I’m gonna change ↘︎my name.
Phoebe: ↗︎Great, | o↗︎kay, | what are ↘︎you gonna change it to?
Mike:  ↘︎Crap Bag.
Phoebe: Mike ↗︎Crap Bag?/
Mike:  ↘︎No, | no ↘︎Mike, | no, just ↘︎Crap Bag. | ↗︎First name |↘︎Crap, | ↗︎last name | ↘︎Bag.
Phoebe: You’re not ↘︎serious,| /right?
Mike:  ^Yeah, | I’m ↘︎serious. | It’s ↗︎fun,| it’s ↗︎different, | no one ⋁else has a name like that.
Phoebe: ↗︎Well, | ↗︎then, | ↘︎great. | If ⋁​you love it, | ↘︎I love it.
Mike:  I ↘︎do love it, | and I love ↘︎your name. | I ↘︎love Princess Consuela.
Phoebe: And I love ↘︎Crap.

Exercise 4

  • Monica    ↘︎No!
  • Rachel     I ↘︎know!
  • Monica    Well thank god you were ↘︎here, | I mean, we have to e↘︎rase that!
  • Rachel     ↗︎What? We can’t ↗︎do that!
  • Monica   We ↘︎have to! I mean, what if Ross ↗︎hears that |and then calls her ↗︎back | and then they get back to↘︎gether! | Is that what you ↗︎want? | Ross back with that con↗︎trolling,| neu↗︎rotic, | ↗︎crazy | ↗︎Emily?| The Emily that wouldn’t let him ↗︎see you? 
  • Rachel     ↘︎No! |Oh ↘︎no,| ↘︎no, |↘︎no, |↘︎God no.| He should not get back to ^gether with her| I mean, ↘︎I know that|, ↘︎you know that|, even ↘︎Ross | ↘︎knows | ↘︎that |. But that still doesn’t give us the right to erase his ⋁message.
  • Monica   Look, I’m his ↘︎sister, | ↗︎ok? | And I ↘︎love him, | I don’t wanna see him get ↘︎hurt! | Come ↘︎on, | doesn’t that give me the right to con ↗︎trol him… | ↗︎help | ↗︎him
  • Rachel   I  don’t think he’s the one who needs ↘︎help
  • Monica   All right, ↘︎look, | she’s obviously un ↘︎stable, | ↗︎ok? | I mean, she’s thinking about running out on her ↘︎wedding day. | [Rachel stares at her]. ↘︎Ok | ↘︎fine, | but I mean look at the po ↘︎sition she’s putting him in. |I mean, what’s he gonna ↘︎do, | like Ross is gonna run over ↗︎ there |on her ↗︎wedding day| and break up the ↗︎marriage? | I mean, who would do↘︎that! | [Rachel stares again angrily]. Ok ↘︎fine! All ↗︎right, |but that’s, you know, | that was ↘︎different. | Although it did involve a lot of the same ↘︎people. | You know this is obviously some twisted joke she’s trying to ↘︎play on him.
  • Rachel   ↘︎Ok, | ↘︎you are crazy. | I’m sorry, but she sounded genuinely up↘︎set. | I mean ↘︎listen! | [machine: your messages have been erased] ↘︎NO!!|
  • Monica   Well! |  That worked out ↗︎well! |  Marga↗︎rita?
  • Monica   Well, I guess we should ↘︎go.
  • Rachel   ↘︎No | ↘︎wait |↘︎wait
  • Monica   Oh yeah, ↘︎right.
  • Rachel   ^No, | ^Monica! |Monica, we have to ↘︎fix this!
  • Monica   There’s nothing we can ^do, | you erased the ↘︎message.
  • Rachel   ↗︎Yeah, | but maybe I could call his machine and recre↘︎ate the message, | ↗︎right? | ↘︎Ok, em… |Hello, Ross, | this is ↘︎Rachel… | ↘︎Emily! | ^God! | What is it with those two ^names! | I just wanted to ^say | that I’m going to ^be |… getting ↘︎married… | ↘︎to | a↘︎nother… | British ↘︎person… | and I’m having ↗︎doubts and… | ^scones and… | ^Oh! | I can’t remember what she ↘︎said! |
  • Monica   ↘︎Yeah, | ↘︎that’s the problem with this plan. | ^Come on, | you know ↗︎what, | the message is e↗︎rased, | there’s nothing we can ↘︎do| he’s never going to find ↘︎out about it.
  • Rachel    Yeah, but I could tell him about it. 
  • Monica   ↘︎Look, | if you’re gonna be totally ↘︎rational about this, | I can’t ↘︎argue with you, | all ↗︎right? |  ^fine, if you wanna ↘︎tell him, | ↘︎tell him. I just… I don’t wanna be a ↘︎part of it.
  • Rachel    [phone rings] ^Oh! Maybe that’s Emily calling back to leave the exact same ↘︎message!
  • Ross     ↘︎Hey Ross, | it’s ↘︎you, | I just want you to remember this ↘︎feeling. | You are lucky to be a^live, | so live every day to the ↘︎fullest. | ↘︎Love yourself, | ↗︎ok? | ↘︎Yeah. |  And also get ↘︎stamps. | ↘︎Bye.
  • Monica   ^Wow! | Leave that message for ↘︎Emily | and this whole ↘︎problem goes away.
  • Rachel   ↗︎Right?