Accents of English

Corpora with different accents of English

International dialects of English archive       The speech accent archive        The IViE corpus


Listen to words and sentences in different accents You can listen to words                 Forvo: database of words and sentences  and phrases in several accents from                      from all over the world in many languages. youtube videos.  


Sound change and accent variation

Peter Roach on accent variation. ​         Mark Hukvale’s lecture on differences between                                                                                 accents and accents in the British Isles.


Accents of English                                      Recordidngs from John Wells’                              (Barry Pennock-Speck)                             accents of English


RP and sound changes towards current SSBE

Examples of SSBE speakers

John Wells’ article Whatever happened to Received Pronunciation. About sound changes in RP in the last century.

Interesting Youtube channels and videos

  • English like a native, by Anna English. Here you will find lessons on English pronunciation, English vocabulary, English grammar, British culture and traditions, interview practice, confident speaking, and much more to help you to become fluent in English and speak just like a native speaker. We particularly recommend her Tutorial on British accents.