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2 Desembre 2018 @ 8am

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Apunts bàsics per subtitular

From A Proposed Set of Subtitling Standards in Europe

by Fotios Karamitroglou, PhD Audiovisual Translation, UMIST, Manchester, UK, and others

  • Màxim de 40 caràcters en una línia (comptant-hi els espais)
  • A maximum of two lines of subtitles should be presented at a time. This would guarantee that no more than 2/12 of the screen image would be covered by subtitles at a time. In the case of a single-line subtitle, this should occupy the lower of the two lines, rather than the top line in order to minimise interference with the background image action.The reading speed of the “average” viewers (aged between 14-65, from an upper-middle socio-educational class) for a text of average complexity (a combination of formal and informal language) has been proven to range between 150-180 words per minute, i.e. between 2 1/2-3 words per second. This means that a full two line subtitle containing 14-16 words should remain on the screen for a maximum time of something less than 5 1/2 seconds. However, we would actually have to expand the estimate to around 6 seconds.
  • Line division (Cristiana Coblis)
    Line division is particularly important to how subtitles look on screen and most particularly the speed of reading and comprehension. If the text fits on one line, keep it on one line, the viewer will be happy to see more of the screen. If the text does not fit on one line, then you should try to divide it as best as possible, keeping in mind the following basic principles:
    1. Divide at punctuation marks (“,”, “.”, “:”, “…”)
    2. BEFORE conjunctions (i.e. you should have the conjunction on the second line: and, or, because, etc.)
    3. BEFORE prepositions (i.e. you should always move the preposition on the second line, ex: on, for, in, inside, on the outside of, etc.) Watch out for compound prepositions.
    4. DO NOT SEPARATE a noun from its article (i.e. do not leave the article “a”, “an”, “the” on the first line and the noun on the second line).
    5. NO DOT DIVIDE a name, whenever possible and whenever you have plenty of space the keep it together.
    6. NO NOT DIVIDE compound or reflexive verbs (i.e. do not leave the auxiliary, reflexive, negative particle etc on the first line and main verb on the second line.)
    7. NO NOT DIVIDE verbal phrases, idioms, expressions
    8. Do not split abbreviations
    9. Try not to divide the subject from the verb whenever the space allows it.
    10. DO NOT LEAVE ONE WORD on a line even if it is followed by punctuation.

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