EU Fact Checking & EU Fact Finding (College of Europe)
Dates: 29-30 Octubre

The Political Economy Webinar Series (Centre for Economic Policy Research)
Dates: 4 novembre i 2 desembre

 Free Trade Agreements and Global Labour Governance (GLOBE Webinar: James Harrison and Adrian Smith)
Data: 12 novembre (15-16 h)

Seminar on Negotiations in Practice. Towards effective negotiations with and within the EU (College of Europe)
Dates: 16-20 novembre

Government After Shock – Bridging the Digital Divide in the COVID-19 era: Shaping Central Eastern European Perspectives (GLOBSEC)
Data: 17 novembre (10-11:45)

Private Governance and Public Authority. Regulating Sustainability in a Global Economy (GLOBE Webinar: Stefan Renckens)
Data: 10 desembre (15-16 h)


ECB-RFS Macro-Finance Conference (Frankfurt am Main, 22-23 March 2021)
Data límit: 15 novembre

COVID-19. Pandemia y crisis global (Comillas Journal of International Relations)
Data límit: 1 gener