Rommy Anabalon (IOE, UCL)
The role of English as a foreign language in the reproduction of social inequalities in Chile

Sandro Barros (Michigan State University)
A bag of Cheetos, borders, and an orange-colored president: A non-representationalist account of multilingual after-school program

Constadina Charalambous (European University Cyprus)
Translanguaging practices and the negotiation of a ‘conflicted heritage’

Eva Codó (U. Autònoma de Barcelona)
Languaging teachers, (re)creating inequalities: CLIL and the changing contours of the teaching profession in Catalonia

Frances Giampapa (U. Bristol), Helena Aikin (U. Castilla-La Mancha) & Alicia Fernández-Barrera (U. Castilla-La Mancha)
The reshaping of teacher identities within CLIL contexts in Castilla-La Mancha schools: Linguistic ideologies, power and labour

Sue Goosens (U. Libre de Bruxelles)
Linguistic friction at a self-declared multilingual school

Francesca Helm (U. Padova) & Melinda Dooly (U. Autònoma de Barcelona)
Exploring (and exploiting) identities in virtual exchange in education

Elisa Hidalgo (U. Autónoma de Madrid)
Bilingualizing compulsory education: An ethnographic perspective on CLIL in Madrid

Matt Kedzierski (U. Bristol)
English as a medium of instruction in East Asia’s higher education sector: A Cultural Political Economy analysis of underlying logics

Kitty Li-Gottwald (IOE, UCL)
The negotiation of social relations, elitization, marginalization, and socialization in a Chinese language school in Berlin

Adriana Patiño (U. Southampton)

Ana M. Relaño (U. Castilla-La Mancha) & David Poveda (U. Autónoma de Madrid)
Native speakerism and the construction of CLIL competence in Castilla-La Mancha bilingual schools: The case of teaching partnerships 

Joan Pujolar (U. Oberta de Catalunya)
Multilingualism, neoliberal subjectivity, and class

Kirsten Rosiers (U. Libre de Bruxelles)
“Dutch if possible, and also when it’s not” Ambivalences in declared, perceived and practiced language: Policies in a Brussels’ secondary school

Maria Sabaté (U. Lleida)
University students’ identity constructions as prospective multilingual high school teachers: A lens into neoliberal educational elitism

Maya Sippel & Britta Schneider (Europa-Universität Viadrina)
English versus Turkish – Gentrification versus segregation? The ambivalent effects of bilingual English schooling in a primary school in Berlin

Caroline Staquet (U. Lovain)
The interaction of ideological and promotional dimensions in CLIL scientific discourses

Mireia Trenchs (U. Pompeu Fabra)
When translingual practices and cosmopolitan stances go beyond institutional, compartmentalized language uses: A case study of (de facto) multilingual high school classrooms in Catalonia

Claudia Vallejo, Melinda Dooly, Dolors Masats & Emilee Moore (U. Autònoma de Barcelona)
Multilingual education for the 21st century: Moving from trending to meaningful through criticality and collaboration