By 31 October 2019: Declaration of area/topic of interest.

08 November 2019: Official tutor assignation.

10 January 2020: Submission of TFM proposal by email.

The proposal should indicate clearly what you intend to work on and why. It must also include a selection of key and relevant references, and relate them to the proposed study. All proposals must indicate the student’s name, the supervisor’s name and a (provisional) title.

20 January 2020: Feedback on your proposal.

By 16 March 2020: Submission of a 5-page sample (Literature) and a work plan (Linguistics)

  • The 5-page TFM sample for Literature students will be read by qualified specialists who will most likely be your examiners. The sample submitted should be agreed on with your supervisor.
  • The TFM work plan for Linguistics students should be sent only to the supervisor.

By 30 March 2020: Feedback on the 5-page sample and work plan

By 22 June 2020: A complete TFM version must be submitted to your supervisor.

06 July 2020: Hard-cop submission of the final version of your TFM to:

  1. Your examination board (2 members)
  2. Your supervisor
  3. The departmental secretary.

15 & 16 July 2020: Oral defence of the TFMs


Further information on the TFM