January 15, 2021: Hand in TFM proposal to the TFM coordinator (Susagna.Tubau@uab.cat). Literature and Culture students should also put Carme Font (Carme.Font@uab.cat) in copy.

The proposal should include a few paragraphs explaining what the student intends to work on and why. A few relevant references should be incorporated, together with a brief explanation of how they connect to the student’s potential work. The proposal should also include the student’s name, the supervisor’s name and a provisional title.

By January 29, 2021: the student will receive feedback on the proposal.

March 1, 2021: hand in a 5-page slice of your TFM (only Literature and Culture students) to the TFM coordinator (Susagna.Tubau@uab.cat) and Carme Font (Carme.Font@uab.cat). Language and Linguistics students should submit a detailed workplan to their supervisor.

By March 15, 2021: students will receive feedback on the 5-page slice and the workplan.

June 28, 2021: Hand in the pre-final version of your TFM to your supervisor.

July 5, 2021: Hand in the final version of your TFM to your supervisor, the members of the examination board (to be announced in Moodle in due time), the Department’s Secretary (Marta.Cantero@uab.cat) and the TFM coordinator (Susagna.Tubau@uab.cat).

July 16, 2021: [if possible] Oral defences (schedule to be made available in Moodle in due time).

Further information on the TFM