2020/21 Coordinator: Mercè Coll Alfonso


The internship module is a module designed to provide experience in the organization and development of educational or professional goals for MA students who choose it.

The objective of the module is to provide practical experience in a specific field that will contribute to preparing students for the demands of a research or professional environment.

Internship placements available (new ones are also possible after consultation with Internship Coordinator):

  • Larousse Publishing House.
  • UAB Language Service.
  • IES Torre del Palau (Terrassa). Technology-enhanced high-school language programme.
  • IES Pau Casals (Sabadell).
  • Forensic Linguistics Lab (Barcelona).
  • EFLIC Research Group (English as a Foreign Language in Instructed Contexts). UAB. PI: Dr Elisabet Pladevall.
  • ENIFALPO Research Project (English Immersion Family Language Policy). UAB. PI: Dr Eva Codó.
  • Research Project “Cross-linguistic perception, online processing and production of similar phonetic categories in L1 and L2 speech”. UAB. PI: Dr Juli Cebrian.
  • WINK ERC Project (Early Modern Women’s Writing). UAB. PI: Dr Carme Font.
  • RATNAKARA Research Group (Indian Ocean Literatures and Cultures). PI. Dr Felicity Hand.

Students will be advised by the Internship Coordinator who will provide guidance during the student’s internship. You are required to contact the Practicum Coordinator ( once you register for this module. Pre-registration information will be supplied by the MA Coordinator.

This is an optional module within the itinerary Multilingualism and the Acquisition of English and for non-track option students.