2020/20 Student Representative (Multilingualism and Acquisition of English track): Shoghig Kaloustian.

Brief bio-sketch

Ms. Shoghig Kaloustian is a Lebanese student of Armenian descent. She has a BA in TEFL and an MA in educational leadership in addition to a teaching diploma. Her research tarea has been formative assessment and feedback. For the past two years, she has held the position of director of research and development, teacher training, and quality control at a nursery chain. She  headed the preschool department and acted as the English language coordinator at a school for 8 years. She also taught English for ten years at the primary level and another six years teaching English language in two universities in Beirut. Ms. kaloustian has been involved in various projects, research, and has given many workshops in the education sector. She is currently studying for her second masters in Advanced English Studies at UAB and is keen on continuing to enroll in the PhD program next year.

To contact her: shoghig.kaloustian@e-campus.uab.cat

2020/20 Student Representative (Literature & Cultural Studies track and Non-track option): Alba Sánchez Ortiz

Brief bio-sketch

I have been interested in the Anglo-Saxon and literary world from an early age. In 2016 I decided to enroll in the BA English Studies at the University of Barcelona. In 2018, I participated in an educational and social volunteering program in Brighton, England. I graduated in 2020 after having completed my last BA’s year at University College Cork (Ireland) where I specialised in literature and Celtic folklore. Throughout my BA studies, however, my interest in language learning increased considerably, and thus, I found the non-track option of this MA a perfect fit for me. I am currently working as an English teacher.

To contact her: alba.sanchezo@e-campus.uab.cat