As of the 2020-21 academic year, students can now—if they wish—opt to take the MA without having to choose between the specific Linguistics or Literature tracks.

The MA in Advanced English Studies can now be taken without the obligation to select either the Linguistics or the Literature track (this modification was approved by the Faculty’s MA Committee on 03 /12 / 2019).

Students who choose this non-track option must register for the following:

  1. Shared modules: Advanced Academic Abilities (15 credits) and Master’s Degree Dissertation (12 credits).
  2. One of the two obligatory specialisation modules:
    1. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (9 credits).
    2. Theory and Practice of Literary Criticism: Adultery and Marriage in C19 Fiction (9 credits).
  3. Four optional modules, of 6 credits each, to be selected from all the modules offered by the master’s degree (24 credits).

For further information on all tracks within the degree and on the MA in general, please click here.