For details of the specific subjects taught within this ambit on the MA, please see the Programme.

This branch of the MA provides a solid background in the theory and practice of literature, from the Renaissance to the present day. Students who take this branch should then have sufficient confidence to write an MA dissertation.

The MA has a simple structure comprising 3 compulsory subjects (36 credits) and 4 optional subjects (24 credits), making a total of 60. Students usually aim to complete the MA in one academic year, though it can easily be taken part-time over a period of two years.

Please note that not all MA subjects are offered every year (depending on a variety of factors, certain courses are rotated).

The optional courses offered this academic year cover key periods from Shakespeare and Milton in the Renaissance (6 credits), the Novel in the Eighteenth century (6 credits), Post-colonialism (6 credits) and Love and Death in American literature (6 credits).

Classes are held over both academic semesters from Mondays to Fridays from the end of September/beginning of October till the end of May.

There is a break between the two semesters.