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juny 09 2008

Un nuevo impulso a la E-Justicia: las conclusiones del Consejo de Justicia y Asuntos Interiores de 6 de junio de 2008

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“The Council took note of a report on progress made during the Slovenian Presidency on e-justice. The report describes the work done on issues like a prototype for a European e-justice portal, its content, videoconferencing, or getting access to electronic registers. It also describes priorities for further work, such as:

– introducing additional sets of content to the e-Justice portal in particular relating to legal aid, mediation and translation;

– continuing the creation of conditions for the networking of insolvency registers and to the extent possible discussing the possibilities to create the conditions for the networking of commercial and business registers and land registers;

– giving all the necessary technical assistance to facilitate the networking of criminal records;

– finalising technical preparations for the use of IT for the European payment order procedure, in full compliance with Regulation (EC) No 1896/2006 by the end of November 2008;

– facilitating the use of video-conferencing technology for communication in cross-border proceedings, in particular for the taking of evidence and interpretation;

– completing technical work by the end of December 2008 on the concept of authentication and securisation in the context of the portal and continuing technical work on interoperability and standardisation.

The working party on legal data processing will, in the light of the Commission’s Communication of 30 May 2008, work on aspects related to the constitution of a coordination and management structure capable of developing multiple projects on a large scale and within a reasonable timeframe in the field of e-justice, and will launch discussions on the establishment of a multi-annual work programme.”

El documento.

Raluca Ionescu

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