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juny 15 2007

“Work on e-Justice”, Conferencia en Bremen, 29-31 de Mayo de 2007

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Los objetivos de la Conferencia han sido:

In a European area of freedom, security and justice, with permeable borders and diverse cross-border activities, the access to justice and its effectiveness must not suffer due to diverging, country-specific standards for IT-supported communication. The Conference will thus focus on efforts to introduce a common European e-justice strategy in order to take advantage of the opportunities provided by information technology in a manner which transcends borders and maximises advantages.
The four overarching thematic units
• the justice portal as a link between different legal systems
• cross-border communication between parties to judicial proceedings
• exchange of information between national judicial registers
• procedural models for standardisation at the European level and associated legal issues

shall provide the framework for expert presentations and panel discussions which will introduce successful projects and provide the impetus for necessary innovation. We will strive to thereby develop common approaches to solving problems that arise in comparable form in many countries irrespective of the differences in legal and technological circumstances.” (más información)


Relacionado con el tema, cabe mencionar el portal N-lex que permite el acceso común al derecho nacional de los Estados miembros de la UE.


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