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Mar 04 2014

…try, try, and try again.

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Hi everybody!

WHAT WE DID yesterday:

– Corrected last test.
– Corrected homework.
– Speaking activity on p 47.
– Writing, p.116 in the st’s book
– Watched a short film: “If at first you don’t succed…”


– p30, n1.

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Feb 27 2014

If at first you don’t succeed…

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Hello everybody, this is what we did in last class (Wednesday 26th):

– We talked a little bit about the final exam. Please check the link:

– We corrected homework.
– Reading on p 47 “Taking a short cut” and reflection on grammar.
– Grammar Bank, p. 140: Narrrative tenses: Past Simple, Past Continuous and Past Perfect.

– We completed the text “The hand of God?” on p.47.
– Dossier: p24.
– “We Are the Champions”: we listened to it and did activity on it.

– Do the exercises in the grammar bank, p.140, lesson 5A.
– Dossier: p.25 & 26

Today I have a question for you. Do you know what it means the title of this post? Do you know how this sentence continues? If you know, please, leave a comment. Thanks. Have a nice weekend and , remember, WE ARE ALL CHAMPIONS.


Feb 18 2014

Being polite enough? According to whom?

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-Corrected homework
-Listening on p.41
-Reading and speaking on p.42
-Board game


– p42: Grammar and vocabulary test.

Remember we’re having a test on Thursday at 19:00 pm

If you’re interested in learning more about differences between American and English politeness watch this videoclip

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Feb 14 2014


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Ready for St. Valentine’s Day? Have you already written your Valentine’s? Glups! I forgot you don’t celebrate it!

WHAT WE DID in class:
-Exercises 1-2 and 3d. Student’s book.
-Grammar bank p139, 4Bb
-Song: “You can’t hurry love”. By “The Supremes”

– Student’s book: Do the reading on p.40, exercises 4a,b,c,d, e.
– Dossier: p.23

If you want to find more about Saint Valentine’s:

and the song we listened to in class:

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Feb 11 2014


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Yesterday, Monday 10th, we came back from our tutorial period. It was nice to see you back in class! We’re going to miss Laura who’s changed groups because she’s found a job! Good Luck Laura!

And… we went back to routine: CLASS:

-We talked about last composition and papers.
-We went on with lesson 4A and corrected homework on p.36.37.
-We talked about different methods to become a more effective learner (dossier, p.3).
-We mentioned two interesting websites: (talk to Marga if you need more information);!/index/all/all/trending/0
-We started lesson 4B: 1a
-I gave HOMEWORK: Reading on p. 38-9, 2a+b

And. I’d like to share this video with you. I think you’ll like it and you’ll learn a lot. It’s called “GRATITUDE”

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Jan 17 2014


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Hello everybody. Yesterday it was our last day before tutorials time. During this time we’re going to meet twice, once for the speaking test and the other one for the feedback on the test, your performance in the course and your progress. That day, you may want to come with questions to ask me.

During tutorials time I’ll be available at my office but please, if you want to meet, contact me by e-mail before coming.

During tutorials you’re supposed to do autonomous work.


-We corrected homework
-Book: p.36 #4 (-ed/ -ing adjectives)
-Grammar and vocabulary test

– To hand in !!! Composition “An article for a magazine” . Follow instructions on p.115, #3

– To hand in!!! Practical English. Episode 2. Watch and do exercises 1b, 2b+c, 3b+c

– To hand in !!! Dossier, p. 22 : Choose four statements and write four paragraphs (about three lines) saying why you agree or disagree with them.

-Worbook: 4A (a, b, c, d) . Self-correct it, please.

-P36-7: Reading “He’s English…” Answer questions in c.
-Listening on p. 37. Answer 6a

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Jan 14 2014


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– We checked homework.
– p 34, 1a+b+c+d
-p35, #3
-p138, grammar bank : read the grammar and do 4Aa+b (1-5)
– p23, listening 1.54


– Dossier:p21
-Student’s book: p36, reading 5c

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Jan 09 2014


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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! HAPPPY 2014! Do you like the number? I like it much better than 2013.
So, we’re back to work! We have one more week before tutorials time so we MUST work hard before that period starts.

Let me tell you first WHAT WE DID yesterday in class:

-Opening song:
-We spoke about our Christmas holidays.
-Reading & speaking about making resolutions and our resolutions for this year.
-Listening: Watching a short film on the same topic. The link is:
-I gave back compositions and tests and we had some revision on them.
-We corrected homework
-We talked about coming tests for Continuous Assessment of first term. Let me remind you to look for a partner for the speaking test.


-Make and write down some resolutions (two or three, or more) for the English class and your learning English. I’m going to do this too.
-Reading on p.115. Answer the questions a+b+c
-Reading on p 34-35 “I’ve never been able to…”. Answer questions c+d


Reading & listening test: 15th January at 19:00


From 20th january to 12th February, there WILL NOT be classes. It’s tutorial time. During this period we’re going to meet at least twice. We’re doing the speaking tests at a specific time, on a specific date. You MUST look for a partner to do the interview and I’ll give you a date and time. The second time, I’ll give you feedback on your performance, your progress, your English, etc And you can ask me about anything related to your learning, the class, your progress, etc

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Dec 19 2013

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Hello evrybody,
so finally we got to Christmas holiday! Great! Time to eat, drink and relax and… IMPROVE your English 🙂
Below, as always, what we did in class and the homework. Merry Christmas and a Happy New YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


– Test on grammar and vocabulary
– Dependent prepositions: p.156
– Our Christmas carol.

– In the dossier: p.18 and 20
– Paper on the book you’ve read.
– VOLUNTARY: In the student’s book: p.30,5 and units 1-3 in the workbook.

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Dec 17 2013


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-Exercise on pronunciation: #2a, p.24 (student’s book)
-Corrected homework
-Grammar bank: Articles. 3B, p.137 (st’s book)
-Grammar exercise, p19 (dossier)
-Speaking: “Men & women stereotypes or true” , #6,p31 . look at the green chart on p.27 with useful expressions to show agreement and disagreement.

-Dossier: p.18
-Grammar bank,p137, a+b

REMEMBER that next WEDNESDAY 18th there’s a GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY TEST on units 1-3

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