• Talks by Magdalena Wrembel at UB on L3 Acquisition
    Date: March 28th
    Place: Sala Gabriel Oliver, Edifici Josep Carner, Aribau 2, Facultat de Fiologia, Universitat de Barcelona.
    Titles: Modelling third language acquisition (3pm); Cross-linguistic influence in L3 phonological acquisition (4:15 pm)
  • Upcoming talks organized by the Speech Lab at UAB (seminaris STPS)
  • Talk by Susanne Reiterer at UB Thursday November 3rd at 6:15pm in Room S2, Josep Carner building, basement, Aribau 2 (title: Let the music speak: individual differences in speech imitation ability investigated from brain to behaviour).

2016 PhD Seminar


Department of English & German, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona