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Dec 21 2017

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Euroregions, Excellence


and Innovation across EU borders.


A Catalogue of Good Practices.





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Durà A., Camonita F., Berzi M. and Noferini A. (2018). Euroregions, Excellence and Innovation across EU borders. A Catalogue of Good Practices. Barcelona, Department of Geography, UAB, 254 p.

D.L. B 2160-2018
ISBN paper version: 978-84-947903-8-6
ISBN ebook (pdf): 978-84-947903-9-3
Year of Publication: 2018
Printed by: Kit-Book Servicios Editoriales, Barcelona.

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This Catalogue of Good Practices is dedicated to Euroregions, European organisations which are playing an influential role right on the borders of European countries and at a time in which many doubts persist about the European integration process. In our view, Euroregions truly matter: they are a symbol of communal living across borders, which are notoriously places where diversity is mostly shaped inside our continent. This is the reason why we should give all possible support to the development of these structures as an advanced manifestation of cross-border activities fortunately spreading across internal (and some external) EU frontiers. After being granted the opportunity of spending four years of research on the
matter, the Catalogue of Good Practices produced by the research team COOPRECOT II aims at delivering a strong output for a renewed debate on the full realizationof Euroregions’ potential. In such a way, we seek to provide a new tool on the quest for optimal solutions that may inspire a higher level of cross-bordercohesion and a favourable advancement in the European Integration process.

The aims of the research will be fulfilled through introducing two separate sections inside the Catalogue. In the first one, we begin by introducing up-to-date theoretical contributions on CBC and Euroregions, alongside a perceptive explanation of our working methodology throughout the research. By showing the process that brought us to generate both a global list and a specific selection for this catalogue, we thereby proceed in elaborating a solid quantitative analysis of our sample. In the second part, we wish to present our research on the 80 CB euroregional structures selected in the shape of info sheets detailing important information extracted from our database. Technical data are also accompanied by a short text-description of the Euroregion and (where available) the corresponding CBC project’s features.


The Catalogue’s main Goals include:


  • A global review of existing information on Euroregions within the EU during the programming period of 2007-2013, which
    has been refined using our own operational definition of the term “Euroregion”;
  • A comparative analysis for detecting all the cases considered as examples of good practices of “Excellence and Innovation”,
    including an analysis of CBC projects promoted or sponsored by Euroregions;
  • A global analysis sample of best selected experiences.


The main Outputs are: 


  • 1 Operational List of 343 European Territorial Cooperation structures analysed. Of these, 299 were identified as crossborder
    cooperation structures with at least some Euroregional features, and ultimately 267 met our operational definition of “Euroregion”;
  • 1 Database of 61 Euroregions and 61 CBC projects (one each) selected using Innovation and Excellence criteria;
  • 1 Comparative Analysis produced by using the data provided in the aforementioned database;
  • 80 Euroregional Info Sheets





List of Authors and Collaborators.


Main Contributions

Professor Antoni Durà Guimerà. Geography Department, UAB, Catalonia, Spain. Tenured Professor and Head researcher of the COOP-RECOT II Research Project. Former Head of the Geography Department. Currently specialized in European Territorial Cooperation and Urban Studies.

Professor Andrea Noferini. Political Science and Public Administration Department, UAB Spain. Associate Professor for both UAB and Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). Multiple research interests in European policies and Multilevel Governance, Cross-Border Cooperation, Euroregions and Development Cooperation policies.

Dr. Matteo Berzi. Ph.D. in the Geography Department, UAB, Spain. Research collaborator with both UAB and the University of Girona (Spain). He recently developed a Ph.D. thesis on Cross-Border Cooperation and Cross-Border local economic development.

MA Francesco Camonita. Ph.D. Student in the Geography Department, UAB, Spain. BA International Relations with Spanish (Swansea University, UK). MA in European Integration Studies (UAB, Spain). Currently developing a Ph.D. thesis on Euroregional cross-border cooperation in the context of the Sicily-Malta Cross-Border Region.



Other Collaborators


Vigo University (UVigo)

Prof. Celso Cancela Outeda. Associate Professor. Department of Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration and Philosophy. UVigo.

Prof. Enrique José Varela Álvarez. Associate Professor. Department of Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration and Philosophy. UVigo.

Prof. Argimiro Rojo Salgado. Full Professor. Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences. UVigo.

Prof. Constantino Cordal Rodríguez. Assistant Professor. Department of Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration and Philosophy. UVigo.

Prof. Álvaro Xosé López Mira. Tenured Professor. Department of Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration and Philosophy. UVigo.

Prof. Mónica López Viso. Associate Professor. Department of Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration and Philosophy. UVigo.


Other Collaborators

Dr. Xavier Oliveras González. Full-time Researcher. Department of Public Administration Studies. El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF, Mexico).

Prof. Claire Colomb. Reader in Planning and Urban Sociology. The Barlett School of Planning. Faculty of the Built Environment (UCL, London, UK).

Dr. Juan Manuel Trillo Santamaría. Lecturer. Department of Geography. University of Santiago de Compostela.


Production Support (UAB)

Antonio José Trujillo Martínez.
Aina Pedret Santos.
Adenan Djigo.








  • Research funded by Spanish  Ministry for Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO)
  • Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2018
  • Project Ref. CSO2013-45257-P
  • “Territorial Cooperation in Spain and the EU: A selection of guiding experiences for Excellency and Innovation for the 2014-2020 period” (COOP-RECOT-II, 2014-17)