International Symposium on Knappable Materials

‘On the Rocks’

International Symposium on Knappable Materials
8–10 September 2015
University of Barcelona, Spain

As far as raw materials go, flint, chert, obsidian and other knappable stone stand out as some of the most common materials in the archaeological record, and in fact in early prehistory, often the only preserved material. They were used in almost every corner of the world, from the Palaeolithic up until today.
Use of these materials even predates the appearance of our own species. This conference will cover all aspects of knapped stone raw materials from geological origin, to mining, usage, and laboratory analyses on these materials. Papers will be accepted on any culture or time period.
Whether you are a field archaeologist, laboratory researcher, ethnographer or a modern day knapper yourself, we are interested in your research.


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