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Mar 19 2013


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Centre of Excellence in EU sub-regional cooperation studies:
bridging territories through teaching
and research in the Mediterranean basin






  •  It is with great pain that we announce that Prof. Francesc Morata Tierra, coordinator of the research group EUGOV and the Jean Monnet Center MERITER, passed away today (25/06/14) after a long struggle due to illness. All the EUGOV research group is close to family and will dearly miss a great Professor, Coordinator and Friend.
  • If you knew Prof. Morata, please visit this blog in memoriam in order to leave a message for the family:


MERITER proposes itself as a centre of reference for multidisciplinary study in European Integration, promoting the idea of bridging territories through study and research on European cooperation in the Mediterranean.  The project thrives to respond to the need of debate on the Mediterranean cooperation, putting under scrutiny the existing structures of cooperation and analysing their achievements and failures from an institutional, economic perspective, as well as the role and challenges of the EUas a normative power in the area.





Despacho Técnico-Administrativo EUGov – Meriter

MAILING ADDRESS: Edifici E1/ Despacho 002 – 08193 Bellaterra

PHONE: 00(34)  93 586 80 50






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