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Oct 23 2008

Orientació a l’usuari (III): wikinomics

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He començat a llegir Wikinomics, el llibre, que m’assabento que ja n’ha sortit una segona edició. L’onzè capítol del llibre es va deixar en blanc perquè els lectors l’escrivissin mitjançant aportacions en un wiki, que ha donat lloc al Wikinomics Playbook. A la pàgina The wikified organization del wiki he trobat aquesta imatge que il·lustra el paper central del client o usuari en la wikinomia, un usuari que forma part de l’equip i aporta valor a l’organització amb la seva actuació.

Reprodueixo un fragment de la pàgina:

“The wiki construct enables customers to pose business problems and scenarios they are experiencing to enable the teams to help with. Teams then collaborate around a specific issue and work to develop the solution to this issue by leveraging their existing areas of expertise and learning from the collective efforts of the contributors as the process executes.

In this scenario, other customers/consumers may rally around a specific issue or problem and create within the environment the need and market in a dynamic fashion. The solution team then collaborates with each other and the customer to produce the solution result and provides a means for exposing the solution to other customers with the similar need or problem.

This enables the team to anticipate the need and create the market driven by collective value for the client while deriving value from each other along the way. It also sets precedents for the tearing down of the silos that comprise the serial process and find improvements within the cycle to speed up and maximize the efforts and delivery.”

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