Can you find a good psychologist?

Every person’s life comes to the moment when I decided to seek therapeutic help, the ideal is to know how to choose a good therapist to obtain results quickly and sustained over time. Getting a good therapist is fundamental not only to feel better but also to have new tools when facing any new situation that occurs.

Precisely, after some time to be in therapy and to feel that the only thing that is done is to let off steam but not to learn to handle the conflictive situations, has arrived the hour to reconsider if the therapist is really the suitable one for one.

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Brushless DC motor, how it Works?

Let’s start with the basics, we work in direct current, so how does an electric motor work? A simple DC electric motor moves because there is an electromagnetic field that attracts the opposite side of the rotor until it reaches a certain position where brushes (1 and 2) in contact with the positive and ground change the polarity so that the opposite side of the rotor is attracted again to create a continuous motion, such as the k55 motor that runs so well.

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