When do you need a massage?

In any relationship, eroticism is one of the key elements of married life, being necessary that between both members there are techniques that contribute to keep alive the flame of passion and desire for the other, so that sensory stimuli at the time of sexual encounters between them are very important, so that they can strengthen the trust between both and keep creativity alive.

Touch is one of the senses that serve for people to enjoy a full form of their sexuality and experience new sensations in sex. One of the options consists of the application of erotic massages in the moments in which the communication of the couples in the sexual scope. Don’t feel ashamed or hesitant towards Thai Massage Barcelona, it is one of the best and fastest ways to feel great about yourself.

1.- Do you want to experience more pleasure when you have sexual relations?

Although penetration is an essential part when having sexual relations, the preamble in these meetings allows members to feel greater connection in their intimacy and can enjoy more at ease exploring the body of their partner, being an erotic massage a great alternative to stimulate it and make it feel more pleased and full when they make love.

2.- You want to know new erogenous zones in your body

Erotic massages are a technique that allows people to explore erogenous zones, that is, those parts of the body that stimulate sexual pleasure, discovering points that can provoke a more stimulating sexual pleasure and invite them to enjoy many orgasms.

3.- Tired of monotony in sexual relations

If you want to experience new sensations when making love, you can perform an erotic and sensual massage to your partner or receive one from your partner to renew and refresh their sex life, leaving behind the monotony that ends with love passion.

Some tips to perform erotic massages that are unforgettable

  • Do not use only the hands, there are other practices that provoke stimuli in the body such as kissing, blowing the skin or licking it. You can also use the hair or the breasts, rubbing them through the body and if you are a woman, caress your partner’s back with your breasts.

  • Lick your partner’s feet: this is one of the most important erogenous zones of the body, so you can lick and caress his feet with your hands.

  • Use fatty oils or fluids so that your hands are moisturized and the pleasure that your partner feels is multiplied, in the market you can find a variety of smells that are very stimulating and even cause sensations of heat and cold, in addition to some flavors that are used to perform oral practices that invite fullness.

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