7 highlights in Barcelona that you can’t miss out

barcelona day tripsIf you visit Barcelona, there are lots of things that you can do in the city. By day, by night, outdoor, indoor…The most recommended way to start to explore this city is with a tour and once you know each street go to Montserrat or Cadaques in day trips from barcelona so you discover the best of Catalonia. But anything you can imagine is possible in Barcelona. and we have decided to show it to you:

  1. The beaches: If you visit Barcelona, you can’t miss its beaches. The Sun, the sand and the heat are all over the city’s coast most of the year. You can try to step on all of them: la Barceloneta, la Mar Bella, Icària. And if you don’t mind taking a short train trip, you can enjoy yourself on beaches likes the one in Badalona, Montgat or Sitges.
  2. La Boqueria: One of Barcelona highlights that you can’t miss is the Boqueria. Food markets are a great tradition in Barcelona and Spain, but this one is like no one you have ever seen. Considered a gastronomic temple, you will find in the heart of the Ramblas the most exquisite and surprising food from fruits to fish in an artistic (and tasty) way.
  3. El Gran Teatre del LiceuNear the Boqueria is the Liceu, Barcelona’s most important opera house. Surviving through two great fires in the 19th and 20th century, you can enjoy not only opera, but many kinds of music celebrating diversity in culture.
  4. Sagrada Familia: It’s Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece and every Barcelona citizen is proud of it. There is no doubt about its great design as the church is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pope Benedict XVI consecrated it in 2010 and proclaimed it a minor basilica. A curiosity: it’s still unfinished, so there will be a surprise the next time you come to Barcelona.
  5. Gracia: Do not miss the chance to visit one of Barcelona’s nicest neighbourhoods. Gràcia is young, fun, eclectic and full of things to do. Caught between downtown and the upper city, you won’t get tired of its food, its drinks and its people. If you happen to visit Barcelona in august, you will have to visit all the neighborhood since they celebrate the Festa Major decorating their streets. They prepare all year for it!
  6. Montjuic: Barcelona can be proud of its beaches… and its mountain. Montjuic is the upper place in the city and it is full of little gems to discover. From the castle to the Poble Espanyol (recreating all of Spain’s greatest streets), you can even do sports and catch a great concert at Estado Olímpic or Palau Sant Jordi. You won’t get bored in Montjuic.
  7. Razzmatazz: If you want to party, Barcelona won’t disappoint you. The city is full of clubs and bars to hang out, meet news friends and dance all night, but if there is one place that most visitors will love is Razzmatazz. Located in the Marina district, Razzmatazz is one of Barcelona’s most international clubs. You will find there resident DJs, international and pop and rock acts doing their thing. They have many areas, everyone with its own kind of sound. Check it out and find your own.

As you can see, these are just 7 from many many more things and places that you can do and visit in Barcelona. If you want to discover more, be a little adventurous, ask someone, make new friends and find out all the secrets that Barcelona has and not many know.


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