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May 10 2017

CA Writing test

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Resultat d'imatges de writing notes


  • You have 1.30 hours to write two tasks. The two tasks average (fan mitjana) so make sure you distribute the time for the two tasks, 45 minutes for each ideally.
  • They will give you a blank paper to make notes. Don’t write different versions! You will not have time. Use the blank paper for making notes and idea. Remember we practiced in class. Ideally you should write vocabulary you will need for each paragraph of the writing task.
  • Don’t forget to organize your writing tasks in paragraphs. I recommend you write one paragraph for each bullet point!


Remember it will be an email/letter/postcard to someone.

The email will be informal (with contractions “I’m” and with “Hi!” “Hello + NAME” and “Kisses!” “Bye for now!” “Cheers!”. We practiced a lot informal emails in class during the course. You have examples in the following places:

  1. An informal email describing a person (student’s book page 113)
  2. An informal email saying thanks (student’s book page 114)
  3. Semiformal email asking for iformation (dossier pages 32 & 33) If you have to write a semiformal email, it can ONLY be an email asking for information (for example for a course you want to do abroad). Revise “indirect questions” (reported speech questions) and have a look at this document  we produced one day in class. Remember that in semiformal emails we normal don’t use contractions (I am, my name is, I would like to know, etc.) and we say “Dear Sir/ Madam” “Dear Mr. Ms + NAME” and “Kind regards” “Sincerely”, etc.


Remember it will be a descriptive/narrative text. You have examples of the type of writing task on the dossier and on the coursebook. Have a look at useful language for each type of task. Don’t forget linkers and connectors! IMPORTANT: you should write your text in paragraphs.

  1. A story: (dossier page 29 and student’s book page 116) Use of narrative tenses (past simple, past continuous, past perfect) to invent a story or explain an anecdote about the past. Don’t forget adverbs such as: suddenly, fortunately, unfortuntely, then, finally, etc. Please revise IRREGULAR VERBS!
  2. An article: (dossier page 30 and student’s book page 115 and page 118) Description of something (city, transport, flat or house, person, etc.) or an article on a topic (for example: studying in Catalonia) (dossier pages 34 & 36)
  3. An essay/composition: (dossier page 31 and student’s book page 120) Advantages and disadvantages on a topic (technology, travel, work, studies, etc.)
  4. A film review (student’s book page 117)

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May 02 2017

Connecta: May 2017

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More information here

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May 02 2017

Listening practice for the final exam

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  • Here you have example questions similar to the questions you will find in the listening part of the final exam. Remember the listening part is multilevel.
  • Below you also you have some options to practice for the listening part of the final exam:
  1. Ejercicios de Inglés:  listening exam
  2. Remember that ELLLO is a great tool to practice your listening.
  3. You can also practice with official exams such as the IELTS, here you have some links: Listening Part 1, Listening Part 2, Listening Part 3,  Listening part 4
  4. WORKBOOK (each unit has listenings and you have the answer key)
  5. UAB English platform (each unit has a listening with exercises)

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Apr 20 2017

Computer Test Practice (comprensió lectora i ús de la llengua) for the final exam

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Here you have some links to practice for the CBT (Computer Based Test).

Revise all the grammar and vocabulary exercises done during the course in both the student’s book and the workbook


Tips for doing C-Tests

C-Test Online Practice


Here you have some links with multiple-choice questions. Some of them are similar to the ones you’ll find in the computer test:

Final test of “Ejercicios de Ingles”

Free online English Grammar Test

Grammar and Vocabulary Online Tests

Gerund/Infinitive Test


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Apr 03 2017

Working and studying abroad

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Are you thinking about going abroad this summer to learn English? You can do an English course, stay with a family, do some volunteering and even work! Have a look at the links below and let me know if you need any help:

Working abroad


English Summer

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Mar 16 2017

Susan Boyle “I dreamed a dream”

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Mar 06 2017

CINEMA Quizzes

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Here you have 3 links to have fun and practice cinema vocabulary at the same time.

Why don’t you have a look at them?

Movies titles in Spanish Quiz

Film Quiz

What’s the movie?

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Mar 01 2017

Passive voice in the news

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Here you have an exercise to practice

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Feb 24 2017

Coca-cola ad: grandpa and grandson

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Feb 23 2017

Collocations dictionary

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BmSOLadCcAE3vjS.png large

Here is the English Collocations dictionary I showed you in class.

Try using it typing words such as:  EXERCISE, SPORT, MAKE, etc… and you’ll see the most common words that combine with them.

Very useful for writing!


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