Anaïs’s Suitcase

November 25th, 2009

Anaïs Good morning everybody! My name is Anaïs Labat and I’ll talk you about my suitcase.  Why my suitcase? Because I use it every week. What did I do without it?  It’s neither too large, nor too small, medium, the colour is red passion, black zip and the inside black also. I have stick on my name, like this I can’t confuse it with another. And very important, she has wheels. So far, I didn’t use it a lot, just two or three times a year, when I travel for holidays. But since I live in the campus, poor, she does travel very loaded every week. Is very tiring to pack and unpack it. I always use to forget something but I realize too late. The most difficult is when I go to the campus because I take some food, well, a lot of food, that my mother has cooked for me. And the suitcase has to stay right during the travel because I don’t want to make a mess in my clothes. How I’m not very tall, I’m not very strong it’s very difficult for me when I have to get off  the train and people push me. I don’t want that somebody help me because if I don’t know him I’m afraid that somebody steal my suitcase. I’m very happy when I arrive home. Perhaps if I put less things inside, it will be easier for me to walk with and to travel. One day, when I was in Barcelona airport to go to Paris, for the communion of my cousin, I had a little accident and the suitcase despaired and I finished without nothing, just that I was wearing, any other clothes. We find it two weeks after. Another day, in the train station, a woman took my suitcase by error and went away, hers was also red. I began to run after her and shouting “Hey, Mrs, you take my suitcase! Stop please!” but she didn’t hear me. Fortunately somebody stopped her and I could recuperate my suitcase. Since that a man stole the bag and the suitcase in the Barcelona Sants station to my flatmate (the person who lives with you in the same apartment) I’m never separate from it. So now I must leave you because I have to go finish to unpack my “dear suitcase”. 

Anna’s T-shirt and the 1991 Kintos

November 25th, 2009

Good morning everyone, my name is Anna. I’m going to tell you about my T-shirt and my sweater of kintos nineteen ninety-one.In my village all the persons who are going to do eighteen years old organised every summer a “ kintos party” for the rest of the people who live there.Last summer my friends and I organised the different activities and signed up the music bands and Dj’s for a weekend.Every year the kintos had to make two T-shirts and a jumper with their peculiar and personal drawing.But you will ask why the independence flag, why the coat of a football club, Barça, and why a Simpsons character?Because in my town the majority of the people are very independent so we put the independence flag. Then, this year the Barça football club won a lot of titles and we put the coat because we prefer to win the Barça than Real Madrid.Later we put Bart Simpsons because the Simpsons serie is a legend of our lifes.Why the beer?The beer is the same drawing of our lighter.Why the joint?Because all the kintos boys smoke joints.At the back of the T-shirts you can look the names of the kintos.Finally I hope you understand me and the meaning of the T-shirt drawing and I invite you to come in my village and enjoy the “kintos party”.

Marc’s cigarette case

November 25th, 2009

Marc’s Cigarette CaseHi everybody, my name is Marc Bernardi and I will show you my important object. Three years ago I went to buy cigarettes, and the woman of the cigar shop gave me a cigarette case. This object was a simple cigarette case and wasn’t important for me. I go anywhere with this box, and when I have to bring some little things I put in this box but more often in the box I have cigarettes. One day, a friend signed me in my cigarette case and I thought that this was a good idea. The most important persons of my life, friends, family and others persons signed in the box. This cigarette case is important for me because when I go to some place far from my people and when I’m sad, I know that persons who signed me are with me. The materialistic object isn’t important for me, the real thing important for me are the sings.

This cigarette case has come with me to Italy, Berlin and some places of my country in my pocket and I want go to others countries with it. Some signs has been erased by the deterioration of the box in my pocket, but I know who signed on this places. The cigar case has stayed with me for three years and now continues with me, I have much histories with it for example, my friends and I, went to a camp site in “Platja d’aro” and in the night we go out to a club, my friends asked me to take his personal things in the box, finally we finished the night drunkards and my things and his things had mixed and his things now was mine.

As a conclusion that in this three years of my life happened much of things, bad things, and good things, and this cigarette case has stays with me.

Mireia’s wooden necklace

November 10th, 2009

 Good morning everyone, my name is Mireia. I hope you understand me because it’s hard for me speak English. I’m going to tell you about the love story of my life with the help of the most important object for me and it’s a wooden necklace. 

One weekend I went to Figueres by train with my boyfriend, his name is Esteve. When we arrived to the train station we saw that we could catch a bus to Cadaqués. A small fishing village and very nice. This village located on Costa Brava that I visited when I was ten and Esteve didn’t visited before. On Friday afternoon we walked around Figueres, a beautiful city, on Saturday we went to Cadaqués. We love it because it’s a very quiet town, all houses are white and the landscape is beautiful. We went to swim into the sea, after that we had lunch and then we hang around. In one of the shops there were necklaces, and I like one that had a wood fishbone and was very simple and looked old, the thread to hang from neck was thick and colored brown and black. Also it has a wooden ball very nice. I bought it quickly because I knew that this necklace would always be a very happy memory for me because whenever I will wear it I think about this weekend with Esteve. And that’s because I like to travel a lot and when I go with my family or my friends take my necklace and I feel near my boyfriend.

Elisenda’s car

November 10th, 2009

Elisenda’s car

This 600 represents the family car that took me to enjoy my adventures and also the adventures of many people of this country.
It was a very important element in my life because I spent many time there with my family to go to discover new things, and it allowed us to see more things out of Barcelona.
I remember the 600 with good feeling and nostalgic.

Inés’s bike Jenny

November 3rd, 2009

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name’s Inés Pérez and I’d like to introduce you to my object, my bicycle.

I’m sorry, but I can’t bring it with me, obviously, so I bring one picture of it.

This is my bike, and her name is Jenny.

I said her and not its deliberately because Jenny has been one more member of my family, she’s very handy for me.

I’m a little problem with my right jamb and I can’t walk for a long time but, with Jenny, I arrive there where I can’t arrive by myself.

But… Why to name* one bike?

OK, it’s a little complication but I try to explain you.

Why to name one bike?

Because… Silvia, one of my friends, loves to name every thing; for example, her mobile phone is Marcelino because she bought it in San Marcelo’s day.

But the question is… Why Jenny?

When I bought Jenny there was a TV program of Los Morancos.

Somebody remember the Moranco’s show and Omaita?

In this program there was a sketch about a very special family: Omaita, her mother, her son, Josua, and her daughter Jenny. Really, I didn’t like it very much but we have something in common. In the Omaita’s house, there was a tapestry*, and, in my house, there is the same tapestry. So… Silvia chose the name of Jenny for my bike.

to name smth*: give name to smth

Tapestry*: a wall hanging of heavy handwoven fabric with pictorial designs

(Art) (pintura) painting; (grabado, reproducción) picture

Jenny has stayed with me since 2004 (two thousand four) / for 5 years

My history with Jenny began when my friend Carlos, proposed me to do “La Vía de la Plata” in bicycle.

At that moment I didn’t have a bike so I bought one.

At that time I worked for a beer’s factory, Damm, as a PA (personal assistant) and I had a good salary so I decided to buy a good bicycle.

Jenny is a hybrid; it’s half walk bike and half mountain bike.

“La Vía de la Plata” was my first experience with a bike for a lot of time before.

We travelled one part of this road, just Mérida to Salamanca, about 300 km.

(hundred); 300 km = 161.883 n.m. (UK) mile /maIl/

After that Jenny and I travelled a lot. We went to Formentera, we lived in France, Montpellier, and after that in Girona.

Now, we are living in Barcelona in my parents’ house; and I keep Jenny in the entrance hall because my in bedroom we aren’t fit in* booth.

Fit in*: have enough room (caber)

Anna’s Bracelet

May 17th, 2009

The purpose of the special exhibition that will do is this bracelet. This bracelet I gave a friend at a very important and very special in my life and where I remember those days. The nine of May of 2008 my favorite band, L’arc en Ciel, played for the first time outside Japan. It was the first time I could see them and it was a dream come true. Played in Paris. The concert was Friday night. Two friends and me went to the line on thrusday morning and wait there until they opened the main doors. Thursday afternoon, friends came over from Barcelona. In the queue we met people from all over the world: from Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain … we met two boys from Mexico, Alan and Chris. The waiting time we step quick laughs and jokes and the concert was wonderful. One of my friends and I decided to return to Barcelona three days after the concert to visit Paris and Alan and Chris are also returning three days later and the hotel was right next to ours so we spent three days together. We had a very good laugh together and many, three days were great. Last night Alan gave us this day to my wrist and my friend, and told us that when we come back to see us and we could remove haria other. Nearly a year ago, but the bracelet has not been dropped … via IM and we are still talking about the day we hope we can go back and see us!

Choa’s Objects

May 17th, 2009

Good morning everybody.
I have just been staying here for 8 months.
But my lifestyle changed a lot since I came here.
First of all I have traveled so much . Because in Spain I can find cheapest flight very easy and another countries no far from here.
So, today I want to introduce to my friends of journey .
This things very special for me although it isn’t something very old and historical like you guys.
The first thing is photo book.
My best friend gave to me when I came here.
This is written by a korean poet . He wrote about his feeling and thinking with photos traveling through 24 countries.
The title is ‘attraction’ – This is full of very interesting stories.
I read this when I wait for flight or during move to another city by train or bus.
The second is my ipod.
I received this as a gift from my father. He giving to me and say that
“You have to use this for studying spanish”.
But I usually use to watch movie and listening to music.
Anyway this is also important thing to me.
The third is diary.
I like to write some short articles or opinions.
Since I was a high school student until now I have been writing diary every night.
So , I have almost 20 diaries in my home.
Anyway when I traveling, I use this for arranging to schedule and write my feeling , what I did today and so on.
And the end of this I write about the impressive things like performance or exhibitions. For example , when I traveled to London I watched 4 musicals.
It was very interesting and impressed to me .
Therefore , I wrote about that.
If I don’t write like this, I’ll forget soon. so I think writing is good to remember for a long time.
I always bring this things in every trip and all of this same important to me.

Tatiana’s Objects

May 12th, 2009

Hello, today I am going to present three important objects for me:

The first one is the wallet of my car. My mother gave it to me when I extracted the driving licence and of the moment I have never had any accident. Also, when my children were small, they were playing with it and it he was relaxing them.

My second object is a photo of my children. Always I take her inside my purse. I am renovating it as they are growing and follow me everywhere. When I travel and long for them, look at the photo and then I become happy.

Finally, and as object of personal value, this one coin of gold, which my grandfather gave to me when he was eighty years and for me it is an incalculable exchequer for its history.

Nothing more, I hope that you have liked my valued objects.

Patricia’s object

May 5th, 2009

This object is a mouse of felt that my best friend gave me for my birthday when I was fourteen years old.

Nowadays I keep this doll on my shelf next to my bed. I keep the box in the cupboard of my room because it is too big to keep on my selft.

This object is very important for my because it was the first gift that my best friend did to me and also because he was the first friend that I had when I change to live of Bacelona city to the village where I live nowadays.

When he gave me the felt I was afraid to open the box because I was thinking that it was a doll of joke and was going to go out at one stroke when I oppening the box.

Always that I see this doll I remember this annecdote and my best friend.