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Nov 06 2016


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EUGov Research Group

“Multilevel Governance

in the European Union”

Latest News 


  • 21/01/19: “Merging of  Websites’ Content“: Due to the birth of the new Jean Monnet Chair EUPOL Website (, there will be soon modifications and updates to both webs.
    01/09/18: “Award of a Jean Monnet Chair“: The EUGov Research Group Coordinator, Prof. Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín, has been awarded a Jean Monnet Chair in European Policies and Security (EUPOL). The EUGov Research Group will be working strictly with the Chair to ensure the success of the project!



  • 13/12/16: “Relations between Xina and EU”. This debate will be focused on China and the European Union, nowadays its most important commercial partner. However, this relation is not only limited to industrial products or manufactures, but scientific and technological cooperation. Click here for more information
  • 2/12/16: “Europa, políticas públicas y gobernanza. Las ideas y las redes de un académico europeísta: en recuerdo de Francesc Morata”. Next Friday, a tribute to Francesc Morata will take place in the European Documentation Center (UAB). Morata, professor at the UAB and director of EUGOV research group, was a referent in the field of European Studies, cross-border cooperation and European governance. Click here for more information.
  • 16/11/16: “Fighting corruption from civil society” debate organized by the European Documentation Center (UAB). The next session will be focused on the fighting against corruption through citizenship participation, control of the power and institutions… Simona Levi, prominent activist of European Social Movements will be on charge of the debate.  Click here for more details.


Who are we?

  • EUGOV is a research group based at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and focused on the analysis of multilevel governance in Europe both in its theoretical and empirical aspects.
  • The group, started by Prof. Francesc Morata (Chair Jean Monnet Ad Personam in European Integration), was created in 2004 and was based on the contribution of its members to the CONNEX network (Connecting Excellence on European Multilevel Governance), financed by the EU VI Framework Programme and coordinated by Dr. Kohler Koch of the Mannheim University. The group received the official status of “Consolidated Research Group” by the Generalitat of Catalonia in 2008.
  • However,  after the demise of Prof. Morata in summer 2014, Prof. Fernandez Pasarín has taken over the role of Main Coordinator, and the group has once again received the official status of “Consolidated Research Group” in the official selection taking place in September 2014
  • From 2008 to 2013, the Group has regularly hosted 6 distinguished senior and 8 junior research fellows from several European and international universities. Among them, it’s worth mentioning Profs. Simon Bulmer (University of Sheffield), Christoph Knill (University of Constanz), Philip Morgan (University of California), Massimo Morisi (University of Florence) and Ulrike Liebert (University of Bremen). From 2010 to 2012 it has also hosted a Marie Curie fellow, Claire Colomb (University College of London) working on territorial cooperation issues.
  • EUGov currently deploys its members in several I+D research projects and in the corresponding activities, as well as having them participate actively in congresses, conferences and other academic events.  You can check all relevant sections of this website to find out more about the group.
  • Moreover, it relies on the Center of European Documentation (EDC) of the UAB that disposes of a library specialized in European Union literature.
  • Currently, the research activity within the group is undertaken through a series of thematic sub-groups:

– European Governance
– Multilevel Governance (and Territorial Cooperation)
– Environmental Governance & Energy Policy
– Accessibility (ACCEPLAN)

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