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Jan 31 2014

Info 4th-5th February EASA-Barcelona

Los organizadores de la workshop  Solidarity, reciprocity and economy in times of downturn, Hugo Valenzuela y Marta Lobato, miembros del grupo de Antropología Económica de la EASA, informan de los detalles prácticos para los participantes del encuentro.
Dear EASA-Barcelona participants,
This is an informative message just to remind you about the event details and how to arrive to “Torre Villa-Puig” on Tuesday.
For those staying at Barcelona’s city centre: Bear in mind that the trip takes about 35 minutes from Plaza Catalunya. Once you are there, the entrance to the FGC (catalan trains) is right next to the big cafe (Zurich) located in one of the corners of the square. You should get on the the S2 or S55 and get off at Bellaterra (not University, which goes first). When you buy the ticket, choose the 2-zone one.
For those staying at the Hotel campus: You are very close to the meeting place, so it would be nice to know who you are, so that we know who to expect. One of the organizers will be waiting for you outside at around 9:40.
We would also like to add that Professor Krista Harper and two of her students have decided to join us. Krista is director of the European Field Studies Program in the Anthropology Department of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
We look forward to meet you all
Best wishes
Hugo & Marta

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Jan 27 2014

Workshop “Solidarity, reciprocity and economy in times of Downturn”

A modo de recordatorio, los días 4 y 5 de febrero, tendrá lugar en la Torre Vila-Puig (UAB Bellaterra Campus, Barcelona) el seminario Solidarity, reciprocity and economy in times of downturn: Understanding and articulating the logics of old and new values in late capitalism.

En esta actividad participarán investigadores internacionales, poniendo a debate sus trabajos en curso. Al mismo tiempo, el encuentro servirá como presentación de la nueva rama de Antropología Económica de la EASA.

En el siguiente link, se encuentra la información detallada del programa:


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Jan 13 2014

Nueva publicación

Los investigadores principales del proyecto ENCLAVE, Jose Luís Molina y Miranda Lubbers, realizan una contribución en el volumen 13 de la publicación on-line Grafo Working Papers. El artículo se titula “Social Capital
Companion: Capturing Personal Networks as They are Lived” y está disponible a través del siguiente link: http://revistes.uab.cat/grafowp/article/view/vol3-n1-lerner-lubbers-molina-e

La referencia:

Lerner, J; M J Lubbers, JL Molina & U Brandes. (2014). “Social Capital
Companion: Capturing Personal Networks as They are Lived” en Grafo Working
Paper, vol 13(1): 18-37.

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