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Jul 20 2011

Conquering France with a prehistoric skull

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The “oldest Catalan” (Català més vell) actually lived in France – pardon, in Northern Catalonia according to the Catalan daily Avui (it’s supplement Sortim to be more precise). It is now exactly 40 years ago that French paleoanthropologist Henry de Lumley discovered a well-preserved skull in July 1971 in the Arago cave near the small town of Tautavell / Talteüll just north of the Pyrenees. This skull and other fossils are dated at about 450,000 years. At first they were considered to belong to Homo erectus, nowadays they are usually ascribed to Homo heidelbergensis. A nice example how to use fossils in order to remind Catalans of the real extension of the Catalan lands (els Països Catalans).

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