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jul. 03 2010

Global Talent is already history

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The hopeful Internetmedium Global Talent, dealing with science in Catalonia and the rest of the world died an unpeaceful death last month when the responsable people at the head of Talència decided there was no more money for this project. The decision was very sudden and without any advance information or discussion with the many people (nearly twenty, including myself) involved in Global Talent. Therefore the shock was great, we all felt kind of humiliated to be kicked out on the street like that. All though there is now pratically nobody left to update the website Talència wrote to us: “Global Talent seguirà operatiu amb el mateix esperit i finalitat de donar a conèixer la informació internacional dels avencos científics, i donar impuls i difusió al sistema català de recerca i innovació.” First I thought this was outright cynical, now I tend to call it a ridiculous claim, to “continue” a medium that has just been dealt the deathblow. Global Talent only started in September 2009 and was not given a chance to prosper further. Another chance missed to do proper science communication.

Oliver Hochadel

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