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set. 08 2009

winning the lotto in history of science

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History of Science surely is no profession that makes you rich (unless you give evidence for the tobacco industry). Yet while we are all scraping by, more or less, Paolo Rossi has just received the Balzan Prize. Far less known than the Nobel Prize but nearly as well endowed. Each laureate receives 1.000.000 Swiss Franks. (There are four categories that change every year).

The press release reads as follows

Nicolette Mout (Professor of Modern History and Professor of Central European Studies at the University of Leiden; Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences; Foreign Member of the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften) read the motivation for the assignment of the Prize for the History of Science to Paolo Rossi: “for his major contributions to the study of the intellectual foundations of science from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment”.

Well, to be frank, I could think of historians of science that would deserve the Balzan Prize a little more. But let us not be petty, in particular because the laureate is supposed to invest half of the sum into research. Dear Paolo, I would like to propose the following research project …

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