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maig 25 2009

Somos todos monos – Atapuerca en la Pedrera

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We do not descend from apes. We are apes. Said Charles Darwin. Said Juan Luis Arsuaga in his talk about Darwin tonight at the Pedrera. (There is a small exhibition of the most famous Atapuerca fossils in the basement.) Full house. I guess more than 200 people wanted to hear what the co-director of the Atapuerca project had to say about the man of the year.
To be honest, I was quite disappointed. His 50-minute talk consisted of more or less well known anecdotes about Darwin and pictures of chimpanzees. Arsuaga got lost in some remote details (Russell Crowe in the movie Master and Commander, the gauchos and the pico Fitzroy) and I was barely able to detect any red thread. The applause, needless to say, was huge. I hope his book “El reloj de Mr. Darwin”, just about to be published, has some more cohesion. Tonight he did not prove to be a brilliant speaker but – to be fair – his books are really well written.
This event confirms my perception that biologists dominate the Darwin year and even cover the historical parts. They are considered to be THE experts. Historians of science have barely left their mark on this jubilee year. No profile, no impact. Not in Catalonia and barely in Austria and Germany, as far as I can see. We are all apes. It just seems that biologists tend to be 500-pound-gorillas thumping their chests while historians of science are some lightweight macaques.

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