Arxiu d'etiquetes: Kyung-soo Chun

Sessió entorn de la construcció de coneixement sobre Àsia Oriental a l’IUAES 2013

Blai Guarné i Artur Lozano

Blai Guarné i Artur Lozano. © Marcelo Aurelio

Els professors Blai Guarné i Artur Lozano organitzen un panel al 17è Congrés de la International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES 2013). Sota l’epígraf “Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds”, el congrés se celebra a la University of Manchester, Regne Unit, del 5 al 10 d’agost.

El títol del panel organitzat pels profs. Guarné i Lozano és “Disjoining Approaches: Tropes, Hubs and Production of Knowledge on East Asia”:

It is well accepted that a key point in the scholarly study of East Asian societies is the development of a critical approach to the very notion of ‘East Asia’ as a politically and intellectually oriented category. In the emergence of this approach, factors such as the crisis of area studies, the discussion on centers and peripheries and the paradoxes brought about by globalization have played an essential role. Nevertheless, underlying this criticism there is a pervasive imbalance between epistemological traditions, hegemonic discourses, and dominant languages which deeply influence the production of knowledge. Through different disciplinary perspectives and combining different research methodologies (social and cultural anthropology, cultural and intercultural studies, gender studies, translation and literary studies), the panelists will analyze these intellectual processes and contexts in relation to the scholarly study of East Asia. Their works will explore which tropes have to be revised, how to configure alternative intellectual hubs and the possibilities that global formulations set up for a more horizontal production of knowledge. Ultimately, this panel aims at promoting a plural and multi-sited debate that allows a critical revision of hegemonic approaches involved in the scholarly study of East Asia.

Al panel hi participen els professors del departament Joaquín Beltrán i Amelia Sáiz. A més a més, es comptarà amb la presència i contribucions d’altres especialistes com Kyung-soo Chun, de la Seoul National University (서울대학교), i Yamashita Shinji, de la Teikyô Heisei University (帝京平成大学).

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